'Luna Nera' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'Luna Nera' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

With season 1 ending in a cliffhanger, can we expect to see Ade and the rest of the coven in season 2?

Luna Nera (Black Moon) is one of Netflix's international originals released this year.

The Italian historical fantasy series is based on a novel Luna Nera: Le Città Perdute (Black Moon: The Lost Cities) by Tiziana Triana.

It follows witches of the 17th century as they try to avoid exile from the locals who misunderstood their identity and powers.

Season 1 starved the audience after ending in a huge cliffhanger. 

Are more episodes dropping soon? Let's find out.

Luna Nera

Has Luna Nera Been Renewed For Season 2?

As of this writing, Netflix is yet to renew Luna Nera for season 2. The Italian series landed on the streaming platform on January 31, 2020. Despite getting produced in a shoestring budget, the series managed to steal some hearts and made loyal fans that patiently wait for season 2.

On the bright side, the streaming giant hasn't canceled the show either. With thousands of shows released in their platform monthly, Netflix might just be taking its time to evaluate Luna Nera's performance. The best thing for the show's fans to do while waiting is to try to convince Netflix for season 2.

Luna Nera

When Will Luna Nera Season 2 Release On Netflix?

The show is not renewed yet, so there is no release date available as of the moment. If the show manages to secure a renewal within the month and start filming before the end of the year, then we're likely to see season 2 on the third or last quarter of 2021.

Season 1 only has six episodes, and the show's likely to drop the same number of episodes for season 2.

Luna Nera

The Plot: What Is Luna Nera All About And What Will Happen In Season 2?

Luna Nera is Netflix's original series about witches. Set in the 17th century, the series follows women who are accused of practicing witchcraft. These hunted and persecuted women are forced to fight back to protect themselves.

Season 1 introduced us to Ade, a young woman who recently found out she's a witch.

Fearing for her safety, Ade does everything within her power to protect her and her brother from getting killed by the locals.

She crosses path with her mother's old friends, who also happen to be witches. They hide Ade in the woods, away from the humans.

Season one ended in a huge cliffhanger drizzled with a crazy plot twist.

Ade finds out that she was not the special one the witches have been talking about. The truly powerful one was her younger brother, who turns out to be her sister!

Desperate and confused, Ade succumbs to the dark side after finding the truth about her brother.

Luna Nera

Meanwhile, Ade's younger brother, now sister, becomes the new leader of the coven.

If season 2 happens, we shall see the siblings go up against each other.

Ade still has a long way to discover her true potential and powers, but we're confident she'll grow stronger in the upcoming episodes.

There were also significant mentions about the portal of the dead in season 1.

Ade's power remains vague, however, it looks like she can communicate with the dead.

This leads us to believe that Ade might have a huge role to play in opening the portal to the world of the dead in season 2.

Luna Nera

Who Will Be In The Cast Of Luna Nera Season 2?

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but we're likely to see major cast members reprise their roles.

They are Nina Fotaras as Ade, Giada Gagliardi as Ade's younger sibling, Valente. Giorgio Belli is also expected to come back as Ade's former lover Pietro, together with Adalgisa Manfrida as Persepolis, Barbara Ronchi, as Antalia, and Gloria Carovana as Cesaria, among others.

Sante (Giandomenico Cupaiuolo) died in season 1, however, in a world of witchcraft and magic, it's always possible to see his character again.

Luna Nera Season 2 Trailer: When Can We See It?

Renewal is still pending, but in case the show gets the green light signal for season 2, then we're likely to wait at least around next year to see the new official trailer.

We know that seems too long, so for the meantime, here's season 1's trailer to watch.



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