Recent Reports Suggest That The Fourth Season of Lucifer Was The Most Binged Show On Netflix Last Week

Recent Reports Suggest That The Fourth Season of Lucifer Was The Most Binged Show On Netflix Last Week

The highly-anticipated show on Netflix came out not too long ago and recently it was revealed that it was the most binged show last week.

The fourth season of 'Lucifer' was the one of the most-anticipated TV series to have debuted early last month and a new set of data that has come forward has revealed that the success was in line with the hype. TvTime, a site that allows fans to track and digitally share their TV watching habits. recently published their binge report of the most-watched shows amongst their users from the past week and it revealed that 'Lucifer' has been the highest-ranking show on their service for two weeks in a row.


Surely this data only reflects the data logged by TVTime users and doesn't necessarily reflect the total number of people who watched a particular show, but even then it shows that among the people of the TV-watching body, 'Lucifer' is the winner. But, along with it, it was announced by Netflix that 'Lucifer' will be ending after its fifth season. 


Joe Henderson, the showrunner said in a recent interview with Comicbook, "We did spend some time digging into what we think can be Season 5. We even have the first scene [of Season 5], which is one of my favorite things we've ever come up with." Another showrunner,  Ildy Modrovich added, "We really try to ping it in a completely different direction."


He added, "If everybody is speculating on one thing, we just try to think as batshit as we can, as outside of the box as possible, so that people don't get bored, so we don't get bored. We do have an idea. It's an idea that when it came up in the room, we went, 'Oh god, that's crazy.' Then the more we talked about it, the more we went, 'and brilliant.'"


'Lucifer' is based on the Vertigo Comics series of the same name and it follows the story of the fallen angel when he abandons Hell to live amongst humans on Earth. On Earth, he runs into a nightclub and becomes a consultant for the LAPD. The show initially ran on FOX for three seasons, before being canceled and revived by Netflix. 

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