Netflix's First Danish Language Film 'Loving Adults': Release Date, Plot, Cast, And More

Netflix's First Danish Language Film 'Loving Adults': Release Date, Plot, Cast, And More

The thriller film is based on the novel 'Kærlighed for voksne' by Anna Ekberg and will be directed by acclaimed director Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg.

Netflix's first-ever Danish language movie is in the works. Titled "Loving Adults" it is based on the novel Kærlighed for voksne by Anna Ekberg. The book has been sold in nine countries so far including France, Italy, and Spain. It is a thriller movie and is set to be directed by the acclaimed director Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg best known for her work on White Sand, One-two-three now!, and Sjit Happens and it will be produced by Marcella Deichmann for SF Studios.


Rothenborg said of the new project: “To me, Loving Adults is a dark and twisted, thrilling yet sexy film about what terrible things we men and women can end up doing to each other if pushed too far... It’s about the very thin line between love and hate - and how jealousy and bitterness can bring out the worst in all of us. A subject matter I've always found extremely fascinating, and with my sensibility and visual style, and my general love for the genre, together with this amazing cast I cannot wait to bring this chilling story to life.” 

When Will 'Loving Adults' Release?

'Loving Adults' has started production earlier this year. The shoot took place on the Danish island Fyn as well as the city of Middelfart.

It will be set to release worldwide and can be streamed on Netflix in 2022. At a later point, the film will also be aired on TV 2 in Denmark, which has taken local broadcast rights.


What Is The Plot Of 'Loving Adults'?

The film is a thriller with a lot of twists and turns about a couple, Christian and Leonora, who seems to have everything going for them but nothing is as it seems. They live with their son who has recently been declared healthy after a long-term severe illness. As things are just starting to look up for the family, things take a turn when Leonora spots her husband with a younger woman at a party. She is taken aback and realizes that her husband may leave her. She is furious at the thought that Christian would leave her, the woman who had sacrificed her career for the sake of their family and their ailing son. 

Leonora makes a decision that she will not become the woman who gets left behind. At any cost.

Who Is Cast In 'Loving Adults'?

Dar Salim (Qotho in Game of Thrones) will be playing Christian and Sonja Richter (known for The Homesman) will be playing Leonora. The younger woman, an architect named Xenia will be played by Sus Wilkins.


Other cast members, whose roles are not known as of now, include:

Mikael Birkkjær (Borgen, The Killing)

Lars Ranthe (Another Round, The Chestnut Man)

Morten Burian (Speak No Evil, Ride Upon the Storm, Follow The Money)

Benjamin Kitter (A Fortunate Man)

Karoline Hamm (Equinox)

Natalï Vallespir Sand (The Protectors)

Is There An Official Trailer For  'Loving Adults'?

As of the day this article was written, there is still no official trailer. Since the movie has only recently wrapped up production, the trailer may be released in a few months' time. 

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