Lost Song Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Will the enchanting melodies of Lost Song continue in Season 2? Netflix fans eagerly await news of the magical anime's return!

Lost Song Season 2

Lost Song, a fantasy musical anime series, has captured the hearts of viewers with its subtle yet captivating storyline. Produced by Liden Films, Dwango, and Mages, the show made its debut on Netflix in Japan on March 31, 2018, and quickly gained a global following when it began streaming worldwide on September 30 of the same year. The show's twelve-episode debut season left fans eager for more, and they have been clamoring for Lost Song Season 2 ever since.

Lost Song Season 2 Renewal Status: The Wait Continues!

Fans of Lost Song have been waiting for two long years, hoping to hear news about the show's future. However, neither Netflix nor the production studios have provided any updates regarding a potential second season. As a result, fans are growing increasingly impatient and anxious to know if Lost Song Season 2 will ever see the light of day. The show is, however, listed as "ended" on Wikipedia. It may have been a silent cancellation by Netflix.

Source Material Conundrum

Unlike many anime series, Lost Song does not have any source material from manga, light novels, or other written works. The story was created as an original by Netflix. Although a crossover video game with Sword Art Online was announced after the anime's release, it cannot serve as the source material for future anime installments. Therefore, the creators of Lost Song will have to develop a brand-new original story if they want to continue the series with Season 2.

Plot Details: A Tale of Two Girls and their Powers

Lost Song follows the journey of Rin, a dynamic girl from a grassy frontier village, who possesses an extraordinary power. Through the magic of her songs, Rin can heal wounds, manipulate water, and stir the wind. In the capital, another magical girl named Finis wields similar powers and is tasked with using her songs to heal soldiers during a time of impending war. During her adventures, Finis encounters Henry and reveals that she can only sing one more song before her life comes to an end.

Will Lost Song Ever Be Renewed For Season 2?

Despite being well-received by viewers and earning a decent rating of 7.00 on MAL (MyAnimeList), Lost Song's second season remains uncertain. Typically, Netflix takes its time to analyze the performance of original series before deciding on renewals. In this case, the prolonged wait for news has only intensified fans' curiosity. However, given that Netflix rarely cancels shows without reason, there is hope for Lost Song Season 2.

Considering the lengthy production process involved in creating anime series, it is likely that Netflix will green-light Season 2 once all the necessary work is completed. Fans can remain hopeful that their patience will be rewarded, and they will get to witness the continuation of Rin and Finis' magical journey.

In conclusion, Lost Song Season 2's future hangs in the balance, and fans eagerly await any news about the show's renewal. The unique blend of fantasy, music, and captivating storytelling has left a lasting impression, making the desire for more episodes even stronger. While the wait may be challenging, fans can keep their hopes high, trusting that the magic of Lost Song will return to Netflix one day.