Lost in Space Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Lost in Space Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Here's what we know so far about Lost In Space Season 3.

Not long after the second season of the sci-fi TV series Lost in Space dropped, it's not exactly out of the question for fans to expect the third one already. But is there one already in the works? If so, what's the release date? What can we expect the plot to be like going forward? Which cast members are apprising the roles, and which ones are making their debut? The answers to all those questions have been carefully laid out in this no-frills article.

What’s the Premise of ‘Lost in Space’?

Lost In Space

The story of 'Lost in Space' revolves around the Robinson family who was chosen to go on a mission aboard an interstellar spacecraft known as the Resolute to colonize the Alpha Centauri star system following an impact event that threatens the existence of humanity.
Unfortunately, their ship gets intersected by an alien robot, forcing the Robinsons as well as a group of other colonists to abandon ship and crash near a planet that was fortunately habitable for human beings. Now the colonists must endure the challenges of the surroundings of their new strange temporary homeworld has for them so they can make it back to their spaceship safe and sound.
Spoiler Warning! Please be advised that if you haven’t caught up with the second season yet, or even the entire show, we suggest you stop reading this guide from this point on as the content is riddled with a plethora of spoilers.

What Happened in Season 2?


In Season 2, the Robinsons finally located the interstellar spacecraft that they lost at the start of the series, the Resolute. However, the family encountered a series of threats, especially an attack from a band of robots as well as a potential attack from what seems like hundreds of crafts. Once the attack was averted for a short while, John and Maureen Robinson decided to split with their children, and have Judy pilot the Jupiter 2, which consisted of children, and head back to Alpha Centauri.
Back over at the Resolute, it looked as if the Robinson folks were looking forward to their eventual demise until all of a sudden, Scarecrow – the helpful robot – swoon right in the nick of time to save their lives.
Then came the finale where the Jupiter picks up a radio signal to what could possibly be from an Alpha Centauri colony. But upon closer inspection, the children realized that a cataclysmic event had already taken place and that the most shocked out of all of them was Judy.

Has Season 3 Been Confirmed?

As of this writing, there has been no official word from streaming giant Netflix as to whether or not we will get a Season 3 for Lost in Space in the future. However, given the drama and how captivating the story is been so far, it isn't out of the realm of possibility for Netflix to take advantage of those viewership statistics to grant friends their wishes by continuing the story further on.
But even if a third season were to be confirmed right now, it probably wouldn't drop on Netflix in a couple of months given the timeline of the last two seasons: Season 1, for instance, premiered back in April 2018 whereas Season 2 just aired on December 24 in 2019. But this is to be expected given how much investment goes into the resources of the show's special-effects team. In fact, if we're being really honest with you, we're not even sure whether or not the third season will grace our digital monitors by 2020.
Let's assume that even if the show's production for the third season is complete by, let's say, April 2020, it's possible that we could see the next chapter sometime in early 2021. But true fans of the series know how hard the crew behind the show works and how much time goes into every little detail to make the show as good as it should be. Such fans are in no rush for Season 3 to come around and are more than willing to wait for a finished product of top-quality rather than a half baked one.

What Can We Expect of Season 3’s Plot?


From the finale, Judy and the rest of the kids learned that the signal had led them to a space vesselr called the Fortuna that mysteriously disappeared 20 years ago. What's more, it also happens to be the same ship that Grant Kelly, Judy's biological father, once piloted. But along with that discovery, the evil Doctor Smith's scarf happens to be spotted on the Jupiter 2.
If or when there is a Season 3, John and Maureen will go over to look for their kids and use the Jupiter 2 to do some more exploring of the unknown region. The family will also likely be encountering and exploring new planets.
Cowriter Matt Sazama reportedly speaks on the future of the series by saying:
"I mean you know [the] Robinson family will go on forever. But the story that we started with [the] pilot with the robots and everything else we want to have, we know what the ending is."
He assures fans that there will be a "satisfying conclusion" to the story as there are many more that will unravel going forward. He appreciates how there is a clear story that starts showing up once we got to see Will from the first season's pilot.

When Can We Expect a Trailer for Season 3?

Well since Season 3 has yet to be confirmed or hasn't even gone into production, there really isn't any type of teaser, much less a trailer that we can share with you. We thought that we were going to get something at the 2019 New York Comic Con, but we got nothing.
However, once we get a read on something, we will immediately update this page. We also advise you to bookmark this page just so you get first dibs on the latest bit of details that concern Lost in Space's third season.

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