'Log Horizon' Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

'Log Horizon' Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

Will Shiroe and the rest of the adventurers return for season 4?

More than half a decade since the season 2 premiere, 'Log Horizon' finally returned for a third time early this year.

'Log Horizon' released 12 new episodes for season 3, which ran until March 2021.

The isekai anime is based on a Japanese novel of the same name and follows a group of people trapped in the alternate world of "Elder Tale," a fictional online video game they play together. We followed these characters as they try their best to survive in this new and treacherous territory.

Now that season 3 has concluded, fans are wondering if 'Log Horizon' will be returning for season 4. Let's discuss the possibility below.

Log Horizon

Will There Be 'Log Horizon' Season 4?

Renewal Status: Pending

As of now, Studio Deen has not announced a renewal for the anime for season 4 yet. Without the renewal, it will be very hard to predict when season 4 might come.'Log Horizon' has irregular release dates between seasons, which adds more difficulty in guessing season 4's possible premiere date.

'Log Horizon' premiered in 2013. The first season ran 25 episodes until March 2014. The second season was released in October that same year and ran another 25 episodes until March 2015.

After successfully airing 2 seasons with only a few month's gap, the studio decided to take a long break.

The third season was supposed to release in October 2020. However, due to the global health crisis, the anime did not arrive until January 2021.

Knowing all of these, it will be hard to predict when the fourth season might release and how many episodes it will have.

We will have to continue waiting for the anime creator's official announcement at this point.

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What Is The Possible Plot Of 'Log Horizon' Season 4?

The third season of the anime was officially titled 'Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table,' based on Volume 12 of the web novels where it was based.

The third season consisted of stories of triumph and rejection. Shiro, Akatsuki, and Naotsuga succeeded in defeating the Eirenus Genius and freed all the adventurers trapped in the alternate world. Minori finally confessed her feelings to Shiroe but was unfortunately rejected. Shiroe made it clear that he was in love with another person, Akatsuki. 

If the anime keeps following the patterns based on its source material, season 4 would likely be called 'Nightingale's Song,' based on Volume 13 of the novel.
However, a Reddit post has noted that season 3 of the anime already included elements of the 'Nightingale's Song,' such as the fight against Eirenus Genius and Minori's confession to Shiroe.

Therefore, season 4 will potentially adapt Volume 14's 'Twilight Orphan' for the plot and official title. Volume 14 sees Shiroe and the others as they travel to the Chinese servers of "Elder Tale" to rescue Krusty.

Log Horizon

Is There Enough Source Material For 'Log Horizon' Season 4?

Yes, there is. 'Log Horizon' is based on a lengthy Japanese novel series of the same name, and there is plenty of material left to cover for another season. As you might already know, having enough source material is among the key factors in an anime's renewal. 

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