'Log Horizon' Season 3: Here's Everything We Know So Far

'Log Horizon' Season 3: Here's Everything We Know So Far

The second season of 'Log Horizon' premiered on October 4, 2014, and even though fans have been waiting for the third season to come out for a long time, there is still hope that Season 3 will happen soon.

'Log Horizon' is an anime series loved by thousands of fans today. Based on a novel and a manga series of the same name, the anime is written and illustrated by Kazuhiro Hara and the original novel was published on April 13, 2010, and was followed by several manga volumes. Log Horizon was adapted to an anime show three years after the publication of the original novel and premiered for the first time on October 5, 2013. Log yet again made fans happy by airing the second season on October 4, 2014, making fans obsess about the manga as well as the anime series. And now, fans want to know when will the third season come, and here is everything we know about it.

When Will 'Log Horizon' Season 3 Premiere? 

The second season of 'Log Horizon' premiered on October 4, 2014, and even though fans have been waiting for the third season to come out for a long time, there is still hope that Season 3 will happen. There is no scarcity of source and content for the anime as the manga has been doing well ever since it released in Japan. Also, the manga is burdened with numerous other story arcs leaving plenty of scope for exploring new worlds and characters in the world of Elder Tale. 


However, even though there are many ways the third season can come back, there is one thing that can stand in between the production of the new installment, which is that its creator had been caught in a tax evasion scandal. This reason could be the only reason for the third season to not happen, but looking at the fact that the anime series is being loved by most of the fans, we just cannot say anything out of surety. We can only wait for the official announcement to happen to clear the air. However, we can guess that in these circumstances, the anime getting renewed won't happen before 2021.

Do We Have English Version Of 'Log Horizon' Series?


Yes, for people who are comfortable with English can watch all the episodes dubbed in the language on Crunchyroll. The series is dubbed by talented voice-actors who have lent their voices to the characters of the series. However, those who like watching the anime series in Japanese with English subtitles, then they can surely binge on Hulu for the episodes. 

What Is The Plot Of 'Log Horizon'?

Log Horizon

For those who have read the manga on which the anime is adapted would know that the story is about a young man's journey full of adventures and troubles in a virtual world. Shiroe is a socially awkward college student, who is shy and likes to spend most of his free time fascinating the virtual world of a hugely popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game called Elder Tale. 

In the anime series, fans get to see a rich history of Elder Tale which is an insanely popular game with millions of users. The game has frequent updates and witnesses expansion packs being launched. The developers decide to launch a 12th expansion pack after seeing a grand success of the 11th expansion pack. After they announced the 12th launch, they were laden with thousands of gamers, who log in during the launch of the expansion. However, due to some goof-up in the game, within a second over 30,000 gamers in Japan including the main character Shiroe and his friends get transported into the virtual world of Elder Tale and get badly stuck there as all of them were unable to log out. 


Everyone else apart from Shiroe loses their mind and starts to panic. Shiroe soon starts his journey and begins to explore the limitations of his new virtual reality and learns that that virtual world has its own set of people, reality, politics and other challenges. Shiroe is not alone this time and is joined by one of his friends, Naotusgu, who had hard luck with the game, as he logged in after a long time to Elder Tale, without even having a hint about where his fate will take him. Another one who joined was a fierce assassin called Akatsuki who declared himself to be her master. Together, the three characters venture onto a journey to make this new world their home. Of course, making a virtual world their home is not an easy thing to do as they had a lot of challenges to go through that also includes interacting with the NPC 'natives' of the land and bring peace and stability to the virtual city of Akihabara, who is also called Akiba.

Soon Shiroe along with other mates gains the trust of the natives and finally bring peace and decorum to the city of Akiba. Under the leadership of Shiroe's Round Table Alliance, the people of Akiba start to flourish and all the chaos gets removed making the city a better place to live. However, Shiroe and the Round Appliance find themselves in trouble because they are facing a new crisis after they have started running low on funds to govern the city. To compound their problems, Shiroe and his team realize that spies from the Minami district have infiltrated Akiba and that formidable forces are on the rise on other districts. 


Shiroe does not feel threatened and in fact, decides that it is time for him to go out of Akiba and explore the other possibilities in the world of Elder Tale. So, with Naotsugu and the Sage of Mirror Lake, Regan he goes out of Akiba for the first time hoping to find solutions to the city struck by problems and eventually find a way back home.

Fans get to see Shiroe's evolution, from shy and introvert student to a brave and confident champion of the people who have taken the responsibility of bringing back 30,000 gamers home, who are trapped in the world of Elder Tale. Those who are a fan of sci-fi will love the series as their wonderful mysteries and adventures in the virtual world.

Who Will Come Back For The Third Installment?


We can definitely expect the protagonist, Shiroe, to come back for the renewal along with, Naotsugu, Akatsuki, Nyanta, Minori, Tohya. 

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