Lockwood & Co Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Is Lockwood & Co returning to slay some ghosts in season 2? Let's explore. This is a live article and will be updated as new details are revealed.

Lockwood & Co. Season 2

Netflix is constantly bringing the heat with its new titles. Not every Netflix release is the next Stranger Things or Wednesday but every so often the streaming giant drops a gem. Lockwood & Co is one of those quiet gems. The show is a British Ghostbuster-esque series based on Jonathan Stroud's YA book series. With positive reviews and a solid first season, fans are now curious about a potential season 2. Are we going to get Lockwood & Co season 2? Let's explore.

Has Lockwood & Co Been Renewed For Season 2?


Netflix has yet to announce the renewal of Lockwood & Co for season 2. Fans shouldn't be too worried just yet as the first season only premiered on January 27th, 2023. Series creator Joe Cornish spoke to Empire about his willingness to produce a new season. He said that the first season covered only the first two books in Stroud’s five-book series so there is a lot more source material for upcoming seasons.

"The story in the books is very well-plotted," he explained. "Jonathan Stroud solidifies the world and thinks of clever ways to explore it the more the books go on. It really goes somewhere, and it does have an end. So yeah, we’d love to do more."

Who Will Be In The Cast Of Lockwood & Co Season 2?

Lockwood & Co Cast
Lockwood & Co Cast

The second season of Lockwood & Co has yet to be renewed so we don't have any confirmed casting. But we can expect most of the cast of the first season to reprise their roles. These include:

Ruby Stokes as Lucy Carlyle, Cameron Chapman as Anthony Lockwood, Ali Hadji-Heshmati as George Karim, Ivanno Jeremiah as Inspector Barnes, Morven Christie as Penelope Fittes, Jemma Moore as Annabel Ward, Jack Bandeira as Quill Kipps, Hayley Konadu as Flo Bones, Rhianna Dorris as Kat Godwin, Paddy Holland as Bobby Vernon, and Rico Vina as Ned Shaw.

What Will Be The Plot Of Lockwood & Co Season 2?

The biggest question to be answered in season 2 is what happened to Lockwood's parents. When the show started we found out that both of them were dead. But after Anthony's encounter with the Golden Blade we are not sure anymore how real that story is. Another burning question is what's inside Lockwood's mysterious room upstairs. Throughout the show he kept the room closed and warned the others not try to see what's inside. But in the end he finally decides to open the door to show the others what's in the room. Then the credits rolled on the final episode, leaving the mystery alive. If this isn't a good enough sign that we are getting a second season, I don't know what is.

When Can We Expect Lockwood & Co Season 2?

At this point, with no renewal, our best guess is a 2024 release. This is a live article and we will update it as new information comes our way.