Top 6 Highest Paid 'Avengers' From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Top 6 Highest Paid 'Avengers' From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

So who is the highest paid actor among the Avengers? It is all on the basis of the experience of the actors and their screentime. Here's the hierarchy!

All the Marvel fans are super excited about the franchise's final film 'Avengers: Endgame' that is coming out in April. The fans are trying their best to figure out the plot of the film by trying to connect easter eggs from previous films and the new trailers of the upcoming film.

The film is set to release April 26. The fans have developed an obsession with Marvel phase 3 heroes, that have now formed 'The Avengers'. After how the last film ended, the fans are curious to know if any of the superheroes will reprise their roles after being destroyed by Thanos in 'Avengers: Infinity War'.

The trailer of the film took everyone by surprise as a lot of members of the Avengers had been wiped out and Tony Stark is stuck in space with high chances of not surviving. While the characters of the film have gained popularity over the years of having their individual films. They all get paid different amounts for their work. So who is the highest paid actor among the Avengers? It is all on the basis of the experience of the actors and their screentime. Here's the hierarchy based on a report by Cheat Sheet

1. Robert Downey, Jr. – Iron Man ($300 million)



The highest paid actor in the Avengers franchise is Robert Downey Jr. He has struggled a lot because of drug abuse at a very young age. Robert rose to stardom by going to rehab, getting clean and working hard for his role.

The actor became really famous for his role as Iron Man and then later appeared in several hit films like  Home For 'The Holidays', 'Sherlock Holmes', and 'Chaplin'. He is also an accomplished soundtrack artist.

2. Scarlett Johansson– Black Widow ($100 million)



The second most paid Avenger is Black Widow played by Scarlett Johansson. She plays the role of a cold-hearted superhero that nobody should mess with. The actress has been acting since the age of 9 and is considered by Forbes to be one of the highest paid actresses of her time.

Johansson has previously appeared in 'Ghost in the Shell', 'Lost in Translation', and' Manny and Lo'. She will also appear in Marvels upcoming solo film for her character 'Black Widow'. 

3.  Chris Hemsworth– Thor ($90 million)



Chris plays the role of the demigod superhero Thor and is the older brother of Liam Hemsworth. The actor has also appeared in films like 'Star  Trek' and 'Home And Away'.

The actor was voted to be the most favorite Avenger by the fans and has been growing popular for his role of the superhero. He also has a lot of upcoming projects and will be appearing in various roles pretty soon. 

4. Chris Evans – Captain America ($50 million)



Evans is known best for his role as Captain America or Steve Rogers in 'The Avengers'. The multi-talented actor has not only appeared in films but has also dabbled in Broadway.

His most remarkable performance other than Captain America has been, 'The Fantastic Four', 'The Newcomers', and 'Sunshine'. We can expect to see him appear in other films after the final Avenger film releases. 

5. Mark Ruffalo – The Incredible Hulk ($30 million)



Mark Ruffalo is popularly known to play the role of half human- half beast, The Incredible Hulk. This is not the only role the actor is known for, he has done a lot of films that have been critically acclaimed like 'Collateral', 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind', 'Zodiac', and 'Shutter Island'.

Apart from being an actor, Mark is also a director and is known for his good skills in his work. We can expect him to play more outstanding roles after 'Avengers: Endgame'. 

6. Tom Holland– Spider-Man ($4 million)



The young British actor is also a professional dancer and is new to the industry. He is the son of an author and photographer. He is praised for his role as a teenage Spider-Man in the film Avengers.

Tom also appeared in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' in the lead role and was also praised by late Stan Lee. The actor will once again appear in the role of Spider-Man in the upcoming Marvel film, 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'. 

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