Legends Never Die: Robin Williams’ Grandson Is Learning About Him Through The Movie ‘Aladdin’

Legends Never Die: Robin Williams’ Grandson Is Learning About Him Through The Movie ‘Aladdin’

Robin Williams’ grandson is learning about him through his classic character Genie in the movie Aladdin.

His granddad may not be physically present with him to show his importance in his grandson’s life or to tell him about his legacy as a brilliant actor and entertainer, but Robin Williams’ grandson is slowly learning about him through Aladdin.

Robin Williams and his son Zak

An American actor, comedian, voice actor, and singer, Robin Williams had started his career with stand-up comedy in Los Angeles and San Francisco in the mid-'70s. His rise to fame became the character ‘Mork’, an alien in the sitcom Mork and Mindy. He has done various characters and voices ever since and is regarded as one of the best comedians of his time. Some of his box-office hits include Hook, Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, The Birdcage, Good Will Hunting, and Night at the Museum trilogy. Robin Williams has received six Golden Globe Awards, two Primetime Emmy Awards, four Grammy Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and has been nominated for various Academy Awards.

Robin Williams’s Grandson Loves His Character ‘Genie’

Robin Williams, who had passed away in 2014 by a tragic suicide attempt, voiced over the big blue Genie in Disney's 1992 animated movie Aladdin. Zak Williams, Robin Williams' son, revealed that his son McLaurin Clement, who recently turned one, is slowly learning about his granddad through the movie Aladdin.

Zak explains that McLaurin’s room is decorated with cels, transparent celluloid sheets used for making cartoons, some of which depict Robin as Genie.
Zak discusses that both he and his wife have considered how they want to introduce Robin Williams in their son's life. They both agreed on introducing Williams through his legendary movies and cartoons. Zak affectionately says that his son points at the Genie on his room's wall, the Genie that is depicted by Robin Williams.

Zak says that their house is decorated with cartoons and characters depicted by Robin and they are keen on introducing Williams in their son’s life slowly and mindfully. He also said that his wife and he are showing some of the kids’ entertainment movies of Robin to their son.
Zak hopes that he can introduce the ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ star to his son soon as he gets a little older.

Robin Williams’ Legacy Lives On

Zak explains to People magazine that he wants to appreciate and celebrate the legacy that Robin Williams was and will always be. He wants his son to know that his grandfather is regarded as some of the best entertainers in the world. Moreover, he wants to introduce his father as a great entertainer that stole many people’s hearts as well as a family man, a great dad, and a granddad to his son. Therefore, he says that he wants to do this in a mindful manner and by taking their time.

We’re sure the year-old McLauren will be able to see plenty of his granddad’s great work and entertainment as he gets older. McLaurin will also be able to see his grandfather on a YouTube channel created for the star, showing popular clips from his early stand-up shows.

This YouTube channel was created by Robin Williams Estate and Time-Life, and shows interviews of Robin's family and friends as well as a few old videos of Williams.

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