Knight’s and Magic Season 2: Renewal Status And Release Date

Knight’s and Magic Season 2: Renewal Status And Release Date

Will Knight's And Magic be returning for a second season? Let's explore, shall we?

Knight's and Magic is a fairly young Anime that has become really popular in its short time. This is evidence that Anime is still alive and well and the studios aren't yet running out of good ideas and good mangas to adapt. But it has been a proper 2 years since the last season which ended in September 2017. So, are we going to get a second season? Let's explore.

Will Knight's And Magic Be Returning For A Second Season?

Knight's And Magic

Eight Bit (8Bit) studio adapted the Japanese light novel series written by into an anime and did a pretty good job at it but, up to this day they have yet to announce a second season. However, the chances are pretty high for a renewal. Firstly, the first season got quite a good rating on MyAnimeList, scoring an impressive 7.28 from 60,000 votes. This should be enough for the studio to consider a new season. Let's also consider that the show's DVD sales have been pretty good, garnering about 3000 sales per week in December 2017.

The major issue, however, that can see 8Bit not moving forward with a new season is the fact that there isn't enough source material. In order for the studio to adapt a new season, they will either have to craft the story on their own or wait for more source material. I reckon that they will wait for more source material and we may have to wait a few more years for new content.

When Can We Expect Knight's And Magic Season 2?

At the moment, we cannot confirm any release date as we don't even have a renewal yet. Our best guess as of right now is 2021 as we wait for more source material.

What Is Knight's And Magic About?

Knight's And Magic

The story of Knight's and Magic follow Tsubasa Kurata who was transported to a fantasy world after dying in a car accident. The name of the fantasy world is Fremmevilla Kingdom, a place where robots called Silhouette Knights fight demons. Tsubasa is renamed Ernesti Echevarria and is born into a noble family with magical powers.

In the story, he enlists the help of twins Adeltrud and Archid Olter who help him in fulfilling his dream of creating his own Silhouette Knight to protect the kingdom.

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