'Kengan Ashura' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'Kengan Ashura' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

The first season has managed to preserve the authenticity of its source material for the most part. It is divided into two different seasons, something similar to 'Baki'.

Anime lovers are mostly fond of thrillers that involve high-level fighting scenes, which is why there is a huge fan following for the show like 'Baki' as it includes heavy punching, beating, and fighting. For those who have loved 'Baki' definitely would love 'Kengan Ashura' as this anime takes action and thriller to another level. It is based on a manga of the same name and has been illustrated by Yabako Sandrovich.


The manga, when it was released in 2012 performed incredibly well, however, it took a very long time for the manga to get an adaptation of its own. In 2015, Ura Sunday Magazine conducted a poll to ask fans whether they want to see an anime adaptation of 'Kengan Ashura'. The poll indeed was beneficial as fans agreed that they would love to see an adaptation, and on May 2015, the fate of the show was decided for good. Fans love season 1 for the fact that it emphasizes on different forms of martial arts. Millions of people want to learn martial arts in real life and to see the origins of all the fight forms of martial arts and how to work them around by looking for the weakness of the opponents managed to glue the fans with the show. After the first season, fans are impatient to see what happens with the badass protagonist of the show, so here is everything we know so far about season 2 of 'Kengan Ashura'. 

When Will 'Kengan Ashura' Season 2 Release?


The first season premiered on Netflix on July 31, 2019, and consisted of 12 episodes that ran for 27 minutes. The first season has managed to preserve the authenticity of its source material for most of the part. The first season is divided into two different seasons, something similar to 'Baki'. Therefore, of course, the second season of the anime is going to have more than half of the story that is yet to be shown, told and seen by the fans. Fans now feel much more excited as they are happy to know that they will get to see the protagonist's character getting more intense and fully developed. Fans will get to see the second installment of 'Kengan Ashura' with 13 to 24 episodes, and on October 31, 2019, on the streaming giant, Netflix.

What Is The Story All About Of 'Kengan Ashura'?


The story focuses on a tournament of gladiators that take place every single year. These gladiator tournaments aren't simple ones but are run by rich businessmen who hire their own gladiators, who fight dangerous unarmed combats. Whoever wins the tournament gets to keep everything and take home whatever wishes. However, the businessmen who put their money on their gladiators are greedy men who hire them and put all their money on these battles hoping that they will eventually win everything back. 

Tokita 'Ashura' Ouma is one of the gladiators amongst many who walks into everyone's attention and get everyone to like him for the smartness in him. He smartly diverts his opponents and carefully observes their weaknesses and strategically defeats them. He immediately becomes the most looked up to because of his spectacular strength and skills that he used during the battle. His demand and success soon reaches the ears of some of the big players in the industry that also includes Nogi Hideki who is also the CEO of the renowned Nogi Group. The first season showed an introduction of all the fighters that are involved in the Kengan Tournament where Tokita has only fought till now. The second season will intensify the story even more and will reveal his entire history and will also reveal his last words in season one where he is heard saying, that Yamashita “wouldn’t understand” 

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