'Kate' Twist and Ending Explained: Who Poisoned Kate?

'Kate' Twist and Ending Explained: Who Poisoned Kate?

With only 24 hours left to live, a high-profile assassin gets determined to bring down the person who poisoned her. Did she get her revenge (and her Boom Boom Lemons)?

'Kate' is a Netflix action-thriller set in Tokyo, Japan. It's an incredible blend of intense fighting scenes and Kawaii Japanese culture.

The film follows the titular character as she tries to hunt down the person who poisoned her.

With only 24 hours left to live, she teams up with the daughter of one of her victims.

So, did Kate manage to find the person she was looking for?

Here's a detailed breakdown of everything that happens in Netflix's 'Kate.'


'Kate' Synopsis and Ending Explained

Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is a high-profile assassin operating in the bustling city of Tokyo.

Her mentor Varrick (Woody Harrelson) raised her after getting orphaned as a young girl. She is highly skilled, and she loves Boom Boom Lemons. Yes, Boom Boom Lemons are important in this film.

The film starts with Kate killing a member of a Yakuza. It should've been another regular high-profile mission.

However, upon seeing that the target's daughter is with him, Kate hesitates to pull the trigger. Nonetheless, Kate gets forced to follow her orders.

Kate instantly regrets killing the man. She tells Varrick that she will only do one last kill to finish the Yakuza job and retire. Her last mission is to kill Kijima, the leader of the Yakuza and brother of the man she killed earlier.

However, on her final mission, Kate feels dizzy and misses her shot. She started throwing up and feeling significantly weak.

After crashing her stolen car in an attempt to escape the Yakuza members, Kate wakes up in a hospital.

The doctor tells her that she has acute radiation poisoning and only has 24 hours to live.

Kate gathers a handful of stimulants and drugs to temporarily adverse the effects of the poison. This will give her enough strength to look for and bring down the person who poisoned her in the next 24 hours.


Who Poisoned Kate?

Upon knowing her current state, Kate traces the man she hooked up with the night before. However, he reveals that he was only following orders from the Yakuza under Kijima's clan. He added that he had no idea that what he gave to her was poison.

Kate talks to his mentor Varrick, who tells her that the Yakuza's leader Kijima (Jun Kunimura) might be behind the poisoning to avenge his brother's death. Kijima is Ani's uncle and the brother of the man Kate killed earlier in the film. He escaped and left Ani (Miku Martineau) behind after Kate shot Ani's father.

We later find out that this isn't true.

Varrick was secretly working with Renji (Tadanobu Asano). Renji is the only person who has direct contact with Kijima.

However, he is a big rat within the Yakuza family.

Renji wants to kill Kijima so he can take over his place. Renji and Varrick had a deal to bring Varrick into the syndicated group after they kill Kijima.

Renji is afraid of letting Kate retire with all her knowledge about her past missions with the Yakuza. Varrick told Renji that they can kill Kate after she assassinate Kijima.

Varrick hopes that Kate would change her mind about the retirement, and they do not have to kill Kate anymore. But Renji proceeds to dispose of her anyway. He orchestrated the poisoning incident to get rid of Kate.

When Kate finally meets Kijima, she discovers that they have been both betrayed by their families. Kate and Kijima team up to rescue Ani, and bring down their traitors.


Did Kate Find An Antidote For The Poison?

Sadly, no. With only a few hours left to live, Kate uses her remaining shots of stimulants to rescue Ani. She and Kijima's army attacks Renji's hideout. They get into the upper floors where he and Varrick are hiding.

Kijima beheaded Renji in a sword fight, while Kate manages to kill Varrick with a gunshot.

Ani gets rescued, and Kijima destroys the leech within his family. It was supposed to be a happy ending. Sadly, the effects of the poison are irreversible.

The final moments of the film see Ani holding Kate's beaten body. Kate drew her last breath in Ani's arms.


Did Kate Get Her Boom Boom Lemons?

Boom Boom Lemons is a Japanese Soda drink that gets mentioned throughout the film.

Kate loves them. It's her comfort drink. Varrick used to give Kate Boom Boom Lemons when she was young, and he gave her the same soda when she shot Ani's father at the beginning of the movie.

When she finds out that she only has 24 hours to live, Kate has looked for Boom Boom Lemons as relentlessly as she looked for the person who poisoned her.

She finally gets them from Kijima during her car ride to rescue Ani from Renji.

Kate Ending

What Happens To Ani?

Ani is a feisty and Kawaii young girl. She teams up with Kate after Renji's men tried to kill her. Ani believed that her uncle Kijima ordered her father's death and that he wants her dead, too. 

When Varrick meets Ani while Kate confronts Kijima, Varrick tells her that Kate killed her father. Upset, Ani goes with Varrick.

However, she later realizes her mistake after she sees Renji waiting for them in Varrick's place. 

Varrick wants to train Ani to take Kate's place, something that Kate would never allow.

Kate managed to rescue her at the end of the film. Although the movie ends with Kate's death, it's safe to assume that Kijima will take good care of Ani.

After all, he regrets leaving her alone after her father was killed. 

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