Jonah Hill Breaks Record For Using Most Swear Words In Cinema

Jonah Hill Breaks Record For Using Most Swear Words In Cinema

Leonardo DiCaprio gets second place pushing former titleholder Samuel L Jackson down to the third spot.

Jonah Hill is the new 'F-King' after beating Samuel L Jackson for using most swear words in movies.

The former titleholder went two ranks down as Leonardo DiCaprio came close to Hill on the second place.

The new comical title is courtesy of Buzz Bingo's analysis called “Profanity On Film”.

The study measures the number of swears per thousand words under three categories: most foul-mouthed films, actors who swear the most in their films, and sweariest film characters.

According to the research, Jonah Hill has 376 swears while Leonardo DiCaprio who is in second place has 361 swears. Jackson who is known for his foulmouthed roles takes the third spot with 301 swears per thousand words.

Hill and DiCaprio's slingshot to the top can be attributed to their roles in the 2013 film "The Wolf of Wall Street".


The highly acclaimed film by Martin Scorsese gets the first place under the category of most foul-mouthed films. "The Wolf of Wall Street" has recorded 715 swears per thousand words.

In this film, Hill played the character of Donnie Azoff which is loosely based on Danny Porush while DiCaprio played the New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort. Hill's character (Azoff) has an average of 74 swears per 1,000 words. DiCaprio's character (Jordan) holds the first place for the sweariest film characters with 332 profanities recorded.

Another film that hugely contributed to Hill's hilarious victory is "Superbad" where he played Seth. Seth's character made it to the list of sweariest film characters with 152 swears per thousand words.

Are you surprised that there are people who give up a huge portion of their time for this kind of pursuits? Well, Hill shares the same sentiments.

Hill went to Instagram and shared his thoughts on the hilarious research. He screenshotted an online news article and humorously delivered what's supposed to be his thank you speech for the award. Though this is an uncanny award, he still sounded grateful for the recognition.

"So many people to thank. @martinscorsese_ thanks for pushing me over the edge. And of course the great @samuelljackson. Humbled. (Also “new report”? Lol what team of scientists cracked this one?). Lots of love ❤️" Hill said.


His fans and friends seemed genuinely happy for Hill's new achievement. The post has gathered more than 170,000 likes with the comment section overflowing with congratulatory messages from Hill's fans and friends.

"I'm so f***ing proud of you baby boy. So fucking motherf***ing proud. F*** yeah I'm proud. F***." Maroon 5's Adam Levine wrote.

For your NSFK (Not Safe For Kids) reference, here are the top 3 winners for the remaining categories and their recorded profanities per thousand words:

Most foul-mouthed films: Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street - 715 swears, Benny Safdie and Joshua Safdie's Uncut Gems- 646 swears, Martin Scorsese' Casino - 606 swears.

Sweariest film characters: Jordan from The Wolf of Wall Street- 332 swears, Howard from Uncut Gems- 295 swears, Nicky from Casino 288.

If there is a category for directors, the title would go to Martin Scorses.

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