The New Joker Movie Reportedly Contains A Controversial Batman Twist

The New Joker Movie Reportedly Contains A Controversial Batman Twist

I honestly am in love with this new twist that Todd Phillips' Joker brings the new Batman continuity but I have a feeling that I might be the only one.

This year has been a busy one for fans of the superhero genre with movies like Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, Dark Phoenix, Hellboy, Brightburn and Shazam already premiered this year and movies like Spider-Man: Far From Home in the pipeline. When the MCU and the DCEU finish releasing their 2019 slates, one movie will remain after they have all come and gone. That movie, with its unique release date of October 4th, 2019, is Todd Phillips' Joker. The Joker will be unique not only because of its release date but will be matchless due to its continuity and distinct style.


Todd Phillips' Joker is throwing the rule book out the window and stirring up controversy in one fatal swoop.

If you don't want any aspects of Todd Phillips' Joker to be spoilt and want to enter the movie completely oblivious to any twists of the plot then you should definitely stop reading. 

*Spoiler Alert!!!!


Ok if your still here, the major twist that Todd Phillips' Joker holds is that the Joker is actually Batman's half-brother! The storyline goes something like this, Arthur Fleck also known as Joker real name is Happy Wayne. Happy Wayne is the bastard son of Thomas Wayne who cheated on his wife a couple of decades before with a woman who was not his wife, Marta. In this continuity, which links up with Matt Reeves the Batman i.e Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne. Therefore in this new continuity, the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime are brothers and mortal Enemies! 

Many of the fanboys and gals reading this are probably half excited and half livid, and if I'm being completely fair this is a very drastic and unprecedented change to the legend of the Dark Knight. But everyone has to admit that any collisions and crossovers with this Joker and its Batman will be absolutely, epicly complex and definitely interesting. 

Todd Phillip's Joker

And if you really think about it the theory is not actually far fetched if you consider the fact that Thomas Wayne was a politician. Therefore, he would probably do anything to avoid damaging his political career, hence it would make sense for him to keep Happy Wayne aka Joker a secret. The fact that Joker grew up without a father while probably seeing him on TV with his perfect family or perhaps simply knowing that his father was Thomas Wayne would lead to some serious daddy issues. This theory would definitely explain Jokers personally as an anarchic outsider.

How much do you love or hate this twist to the new Joker/Batman continuity?

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