Zazie Beetz Is in Talks to Reprise Her Role in Joker 2

Zazie Beetz Is in Talks to Reprise Her Role in Joker 2

Beetz starred in the first Joker as Sophie Dumond, a neighbor and possible love interest of Arthur Fleck (Phoenix)

After bringing Lady Gaga to the cast, Joker 2 is ready to onboard a long-time friend.

Zazie Beetz, who played Sophie Dumond in the first Joker movie, is reportedly reprising the character in Joker 2 with Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, reported Deadline.



Calling Beetz's role in Joker a "possible love interest" is putting it nicely: in one of Joker's big twist reveals, we learn that an entire subplot of Arthur gaining the confidence to court Sophie has been nothing but a personal delusion. Sophie came home to find out a soaking-wet Arthur sitting on her couch, totally lost in his own fantasy. Joker left Sophie's fate as ambiguous as so many other aspects of the movie's "reality" but director Todd Phillips later confirmed that Sophie indeed lived and the scenes confirming that were cut from the final film. 



As of now, it is not very clear how Sophie Dumond would be put to action in the movie. But it is wide out there that the sequel is going to be a musical, with Lady Gaga starring as Harley Quinn. The rest of the details are kept under tight wraps. But the title of the movie might drop a hint as 'Folie À Deux' is a French phrase that can be best said in English as “shared madness by two people in close association,” and has been suggested to focus on Arthur and Harley's shared arc. While not confirmed yet, the Joker follow-up is expected to take place in Arkham Asylum heavily, which alludes to the film following a similar plot as the comics, according to Collider. 


The sequel will continue to follow the newest iteration of the well-known DC villain, who was portrayed by Phoenix, an aspiring stand-up comedian amid an ongoing downward spiral in the 2019 film. Given that Harley is set to appear in Joker: Folie à Deux, it will be interesting to see how someone like Sophie reacts to her if they ever cross paths in the film. And after the disillusioned relationship, it will be intriguing to discover what she has been up to this whole time and how she comes in contact again with Arthur.


The first Joker is the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever at the global box office with $1.07 billion and won two Oscars for Best Original Score and Phoenix as Best Actor. Joaquin Phoenix will reportedly go from $4.5 million to $20 million in salary for Joker 2. 

Joker: Folie à Deux will be to be directed by Philips, which is set to start shooting in December, and will hit theaters on Oct. 4, 2024. 

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