Jason Momoa Involved In A Head-On Collision With A Motorcycle

Jason Momoa Involved In A Head-On Collision With A Motorcycle

The 'Aquaman' star was seated in his Oldsmobile muscle car when the crash occurred. The actor sustained no injuries.

Aquaman star Jason Momoa was involved in a head-on collision with a motorcycle on Sunday, July 24, 2022. While no one was seriously injured, the motorcycle rider sustained a thumb injury and bruising to the leg. Momoa, seated in his Oldsmobile muscle car, hasn’t sustained injuries of any sort, ComicBook.com reported.


As TMZ described it, Momoa was driving his car on Old Topanga Canyon Road near Calabasas, California, when a motorcycle coming from the opposite direction made contact with the front of his car around a curve. The collision left the rider briefly suspended in the air before ricocheting off the car windshield and landing on the other side of the hood. Law enforcement mentions that the motorcyclist was "able to land on his feet" and was "left standing up" after the crash. The rider was transported to the hospital with minor injuries, including a thumb injury and bruising to the leg. Momoa was uninjured and nothing came of the accident, according to TMZ's report.


The news comes after Momoa’s recent collaboration with Harley Davidson for his new unscripted docuseries titled On the Roam. The series will focus on his journey "as he travels across the United States to meet extraordinary people who are blazing their respective paths—including motorcycle fabricators, craftsmen, musicians and athletes—and making a difference in their industry," he told PEOPLE


Through "engaging with those who share his love and passion for the craft," Momoa will explore "not just their unique trade or skill, but a deeper way of seeing the world through their eyes," according to a release from Discovery. "It is a journey of intention—an endless quest with purpose and celebrating those who make a difference in the world around them."


Discovery was extremely excited to work with the Dune star. “We are so thrilled to welcome Jason to the Discovery family! He brings such fresh curiosity and has a magnetic pull to those who've become masters of their craft,” Nancy Daniels, Chief Brand Officer, Discovery & Factual, said in a statement. Momoa, expressing his happiness for the project, noted, “On the Roam is an endless quest for me to discover extraordinary people and places. I'm thrilled to be collaborating with Discovery on this journey.”


In addition to starring in the show, Momoa will serve as an executive producer alongside Brian Andrew Mendoza for the production company On the Roam. Howard Swartz, Joseph Boyle, and Kyle Wheeler are executive producers for Discovery.

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