Jason Blum Teases Creepy Horror Movie 'Sinister' Could Be A TV Series Soon!

Jason Blum Teases Creepy Horror Movie 'Sinister' Could Be A TV Series Soon!

Jason Blum recently confirmed that 'Sinister 3' is not going to happen but the producer is thinking of bringing the terrifying tale to the 'small screen'.

For all the horror buffs who loved Jason Blum's 'Sinister', then here's some bad news and some good news.

The bad news is that Blum recently confirmed that 'Sinister 3' is not going to happen but the good news is, that the producer is thinking of bringing the terrifying tale to the 'small screen', as reported by ScreenGeek

'Sinister' was a successful film when it came out and that lead the film for a sequel 'Sinister 2'. The second did not include Hawke and Derrickson, it didn't get a great response from the audience.

The sequel had come out three years back and now when one of the fans asked the producer about the third part of the franchise, the director replied saying, "Nope". 



Another fan asked Jason, "I need to see Bughuul on the big screen again. Is there any chance that is a possibility?" to which she replied saying, "I was thinking small screen Maybe."

This news might sound disappointing to a lot of fans but after the bad performance of 'Sinister 2', it is difficult for the franchise to revive back to a more impactful storyline from the original one. 

Blumhouse's production house has had a lot of films that have been hit releases like, 'The Purge' and 'Happy Death Day 2U'.

In an interview with Nightmare Magazine, Jason talked about his love for horror. "My mother loved Edgar Allan Poe; she exposed me to him at, possibly, too young of an age. Our favorite holiday was Halloween; I say “our” because she and I used to start my Halloween costume in August, so since I was a kid, I liked scary stuff."



Recalling his childhood he further added, "Hitchcock is my favorite genre movie director; in college, I took a class on just Hitchcock movies, so every week we saw two movies and talked about them. The movie that scared me the most was Friday the 13th, which I saw alone at home when HBO first started out; I was at my cousin’s house in Los Angeles, and it frightened me too much. Like playing with fire; you want to put your hand in the fire even though it hurts."

Talking about his most successful films that have been able to deliver the right amount of scare he said, "Creep, which is out now, could never be done for a big budget. The Purge is one of my favorite examples; just on a purely conceptual basis, no one in their right mind would give you twenty million dollars to make a movie about, 'What if the crime were legal in America for twelve hours a year?' But for three million, you can experiment and that experiment worked out."



"Insidious was the same thing; when James Wan pitched Insidious, he would always pitch that the third act of the movie, when they go into the Further, would feel like a David Lynch movie. If you’re making that movie for a million dollars, that’s fine, but if you’re making that movie for twenty-five million dollars, that’s not commercial enough. I don’t think there’s a single movie we’ve made that could’ve been done at a higher level, and almost all of them would’ve suffered from more money," he added. 

Blum also spoke about 'Sinister' crediting the director of the film and how he admired him. "Scott Derrickson was a filmmaker I admired, and we reached out to each other because of Emily Rose, which I always thought was a terrific movie, and we met and he didn’t have a script but he pitched me Sinister and said he was going to write it with Cargill. I loved the pitch, and he had a lot of other movies happening at the time, and I said I could finance it in six months," he said. 



"Ethan and I have been friends for twenty years—we’ve worked together a lot, but we’re also socially close—and I told Scott, “Don’t keep your hopes up, because I’ve sent Ethan a lot of our scripts and he doesn’t like horror movies.” I sent it to him and he responded to it; to him, Sinister is about a father who’s struggling with where to spend his time, on his career or with his family,"

"He puts his career before his family, and the results are not good. He really liked the script and asked to meet Scott; Scott went to New York and they got along great and Ethan agreed to do the movie. Juliet Rylance was actually cast because Ethan had done a play with her; she’d never been in a movie before, " he added.

We really hope that the producer brings back the creepy film at least to the small screen. 


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