'Jaguar' Season 1 Synopsis and Ending Explained

'Jaguar' Season 1 Synopsis and Ending Explained

Isabel, a victim of the Nazis' atrocities joins the group of self-trained spies who call themselves "Jaguar."

Netflix's Jaguar is a Spanish period action drama series based in 1960 Madrid. It follows the survivors of the Nazi concentration camps during the Second World War who are now trying to hunt down prominent Nazis who managed to escape after the war ended, in the hopes of exacting justice.

Jaguar is another series about people hunting down Nazis joining Amazon Prime's Hunters, about Americans who hunt down Nazis in '70s America, that premiered last year. The series is charged with feelings of justice, morality, and comprises thrilling action that can never go amiss. 

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Will the self-trained spies, who are joined by Isabel, a victim of the Nazis' atrocities, be able to capture the Nazis? 

'Jaguar': Synopsis and Ending Explained 

The series starts off by providing a background to Isabel Garrido who was just a little girl when she was taken to the Mauthausen concentration camp. A Nazi officer threatens to kill her for being out of the line but her father intervenes to save her and he is killed instead. Fast forward to 12 years after the war has ended, Isabel is now working as a waitress at a German restaurant. She knows the German officer who killed her father, Otto Bachmann, will be at the restaurant with his Nazi compatriots and decides to kill them using rat poison. When she realizes that the poison was ineffective, she chases the Nazis down and tries to shoot Bachmann.


At that moment, the secret agents intervene and Isabel tries to run away. They track her down to her house and reveal their identities as "Jaguar" the people trying to track down Nazis, lead by Lucena, to have them arrested and then charge them for the crimes they have committed. They will need Isabel to not kill Bachmann since he will be a key player to capture and lure the other Nazis. When they realize Isabel had worked as house help for Bachmann, who was a high-level Nazi, they try to recruit her to their group since she would be able to recognize other high-level Nazis.

Dr. Death, the Butcher of Mauthausen

The Jaguar soon learns that Aribert Heim, the mad Nazi doctor who infamously came to be known as "Dr. Death" and "Butcher of Mauthausen" who had carried out heinous experiments on the prisoners of war was set to escape to South America through Spain. Buchmann would be facilitating this passage through the Odessa network. This is where Isabel's role becomes important since no other survivor in the group had seen the doctor before. They manage to track him down and confront him and Bachmann just as they are escaping at sea. They somehow manage to escape but Heim is injured and has to be hospitalized. The group then tries to capture him at the hospital but becomes trapped themselves, as Bachmann uses Spanish forces under his control to retaliate.


The group tries to escape disguised as doctors but is stopped by Bachmann. Only Isabel manages to escape by taking Heim as her hostage and hides in an abandoned mill. Here the tormentor and the victim exchange heated words and Isabel almost ends up killing him. But the evil doctor is injured and starts to lose consciousness. Isabel has to go through the affliction of giving her own blood to save the doctor's life so he can face charges for his crimes even though he admits to torturing and killing her brother. While she succeeds in capturing the doctor, Lucena gets captured by Buchmann who ends up torturing him.

What Happens To Lucena and Bachmann?

Buchmann has Lucena tied up and is held hostage by him. The Jaguar tries to stage a hostage exchange with Buchmann. But we see how when he checks Lucena's pulse, as he hangs limp, that he must have died. It is only when he jerks during the closing scene that we know he is alive. 

Bachmann had been a valuable asset to help Jaguar track other Nazis. He was mostly unscathed but once he would no longer serve his purpose, he becomes an open target for Isabel again to exact her lifelong revenge and kill him. This is even indicated as Isabel loads her gun with bullets she had specifically reserved for her family's murderers and sets off, probably to finally kill Buchmann and possibly rescue Lucena in the process. 

The Jaguar had managed to convince Isabel that killing the Nazis who had committed atrocious crimes without revealing their misdeeds to the world would do no good. When she saved Heim's life, she had even imbibed this principle which seems to have changed when she sets off to find Bachmann.


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