Jada Pinkett Smith And Will Smith’s Red Table Talk Breaks Facebook Watch Viewing Record

Jada Pinkett Smith And Will Smith’s Red Table Talk Breaks Facebook Watch Viewing Record

The controversial episode discussing Jada's relationship with August Alsina breaks records for the most views in 24 hours for a Facebook Watch original episode.

The latest episode of Jada Pinkett Smith's show Red Table Talk has set a new Facebook Watch viewing record. 

The controversial episode featuring Jada's conversation with husband Will regarding her affair with August Alsina has created a huge buzz in the entertainment industry.

Jada often brings in guests on her talk show, but this time, she's decided to sit down with her husband and talk about a sensitive topic that other celebrities would instead choose to avoid at all costs.

The episode may have been uncomfortable for the duo, but the public has shown a deep interest in the scandal surrounding their marriage.

Watch the episode below.



According to the Deadline, the episode garnered more than 15 million views in the first 24 hours, making it the most viewed Facebook Watch original episode in 24 hours.

The previous record was also held by the same show for an episode with Jordyn Woods, which recorded more than 7.6 million views in 24 hours.

Jada and August's relationship has been rumored early this month, following August's appearance in the morning radio show The Breakfast Club, where he declared he's having an affair with Will's wife. 

Jada and August

The 27-year-old singer even claimed that Will had given him the "blessing" to be in a relationship with his wife, which Jada denies in the episode.

During the conversation, Jada and Will revealed that they had been separated when Jada and August's relationship happened four years ago. Back then, Jada and Will's relationship was going through a rough time. They decided to give each other a break to figure out what truly makes them happy.

When asked what she's looking for when getting into the relationship with August, Jada said she just "wanted to feel good".

Although the two have been clear that the relationship happened during an indefinite break, fans still see Jada's act as glorified cheating.

Fans took to social media to express their disgust on Jada's behavior. 



Despite Will doing a pretty good job in maintaining his composure, countless memes have launched following the episode's release on July 10.



Other celebrities have also reached out to Will after the infamous episode, although the actor was not keen on spilling more gossips.

Among them is the American rapper 50 Cent who checked on Will through Instagram DM.

Things escalated when the rapper remarked on Jeda's sex life, causing Will to unhesitatingly tell him 'f*ck you.'



The episode continues to make rounds on social media, and people continue to share their thoughts about it. It may take a while before the fire surrounding the controversy dies out, which might be a good thing for the show's viewership record. 

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