Michael Jackson's Nephew Jaafar Jackson Has Been Chosen To Play The King of Pop in His Biopic 'Michael'

Michael Jackson's Biopic is finally happening, Jaafar Jackson who is his nephew is all set to play him... read more!

Getty | Phil Walter

The upcoming Michael Jackson Biopic simply titled Michael has finally found its Michael! It turns out he is a member of the Jackson family! The movie's director took to Instagram on January 30 and announced that the late King of Pop's nephew Jaafar Jackson would be seen playing the music legend. He posted a picture of Jaafar, who is the son of Jermaine Jackson a band member of the famous Jackson 5. Jaafar Jackson's mom is Alejandra Oaziaza, who also shared two children with Jermiane's younger brother Randy. 

Twitter | Jaafar Jackson
Twitter | Jaafar Jackson


In the picture, which is said to have been shot by Jaafar's younger brother Jourdynn Jackson, the younger performer strikes the famous Jackson pose. "Proud to announce @jaafarjackson as Michael — the motion picture event that explores the journey of the man who became the King of Pop. Coming soon," Fuqua wrote in his caption.

Jaafar then shared the photo on his page and wrote, "I’m humbled and honored to bring my Uncle Michael’s story to life. To all the fans all over the world, I’ll see you soon."

Michael Jackson's mother said in an interview, "Jaafar embodies my son. It’s so wonderful to see him carry on the Jackson legacy of entertainers and performers,"

Jaafar Jackson
Jaafar Jackson

In a press release on Monday, the director talked about Jaafar's ability to channel his uncle, "It’s incredibly exciting to watch Jaafar bring Michael to life,” said Fuqua. "There was such a spiritual connection when I first met Jaafar, who has a natural ability to emulate Michael and such great chemistry with the camera."

It seems that the young actor brought his genes to the set. He also boasts pretty solid musical abilities. there is absolutely no doubt that he is his blood.

Getty | Keystone
Getty | Keystone

Deadline stated that the biopic will tell the story of the music legend and follows his journey of rising to global stardom. The biopic will not sidestep the controversies surrounding his life and will dwell deeper into each phase of his life, giving the world a fresh new perspective. 

Michael Jackson passed away in 2009 at the age of 50 from acute propofol intoxication. The biopic will be co-produced by Graham King who is known to produce the Oscar-winning biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody. Graham King told the Guardian, " met Jaafar over two years ago and was blown away by the way he organically personifies the spirit and personality of Michael,” King said. “It was something so powerful that even after conducting a worldwide search, it was clear that he is the only person to take on this role." 

Watch the space for more updates on Michael...