Is Your Partner a Keeper? The Barbie Dating Test Is Trending!

Discover if your partner is a keeper with the Barbie dating test! How they react to the movie may surprise you!

Barbie Movie

Barbie, the iconic doll that has captured the hearts of millions, is now becoming more than just a toy. With the recent release of the Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, the character has taken the world by storm. But it's not just about pink and fabulousness; Barbie is also bringing about discussions in unexpected corners of the internet.

The Barbie movie, with its positive feminist messaging, has sparked some interesting reactions, and people are using it as the ultimate dating test to gauge their partners' compatibility. Women are finding out if their date or boyfriend is a keeper by seeing how they react to the idea of watching the movie together.

The Experiment Goes Viral

A video posted on TikTok by user @swagaliciousvr0 proposed this intriguing experiment. The video asks: "How does he react when you tell him you want to go with him? What are his thoughts on why certain things are happening in the movie?" It even delves into asking about his opinions on how Ken, Barbie's love interest, was portrayed in the film. In the movie, Ken's character is deliberately written as a one-dimensional love interest. This point has caught the attention of some men who saw the film, leading to interesting debates and discussions on the topic.

The video on TikTok. Credit: TikTok / swagaliciousvr0
The video on TikTok. Credit: TikTok / swagaliciousvr0

Relationship Insights from the Barbie Test

Responses to the Barbie dating test have varied widely. Some women shared heartwarming stories of their partners embracing the movie wholeheartedly. One person wrote, "My husband loved the movie! We saw it last night, and he said it's a must-watch for all men and was encouraging his friends to go see." Another person mentioned, "He was so excited when the trailer came out, bought tickets for the day it came out a month in advance, we both cried watching it. I want to marry him."

On the other hand, not all reactions were positive. One person shared her disappointment, saying, "He was not interested in it even though I went to see Oppenheimer with him. It hurt so much to know he's not interested in how I experience the world."

Barbie's Box Office Success

While the movie sparked debates among couples, Barbie proved to be a box office hit, raking in a whopping $356 million worldwide on its opening weekend. Notably, this made it the most financially successful opening weekend for a movie directed by a woman.

The Barbie dating test may not be a foolproof method for predicting relationship compatibility, but it certainly adds a fun twist to the dating game. Whether you're a fan of Barbie or not, this trend shows how pop culture can sometimes reveal interesting insights about ourselves and our partners.

In conclusion, the Barbie movie has become more than just a cinematic experience; it has become a litmus test for some individuals seeking to assess their partners' compatibility. From heartwarming stories of shared interests to disappointments in differing tastes, the Barbie dating test is a reminder that relationships are complex and can be influenced by various factors, including pop culture phenomena like Barbie's journey of self-discovery. So, the next time you plan a movie night with your partner, consider throwing in a little dating experiment by suggesting Barbie, and see where the conversation takes you!