Is Transformers 7 Happening Soon? Here's What We Know So Far

Is Transformers 7 Happening Soon? Here's What We Know So Far

After being canceled in 2018, the fate of Transformers 7 remains bleak. Now, rumors have surfaced about its possible release sooner than expected, could this be true?

There are a couple of movie and entertainment websites that claimed that the seventh film in the Transformers franchise is already in the works, and we will see it soon.

While we are very excited about a potential sequel, we did a little digging to find out the credibility of these claims.

Here's all we know so far. 


Is Transformers 7 Coming Out Soon? If So, When Is The Release Date? 

If you grew up in the influence of the sentient, living robotic beings, for sure a seventh film would greatly entice you.

If you google Transformers 7, there are a couple of websites that say that its seventh installment is on the way.

However, we are doubtful of the credibility of these sources especially as they revealed that the official title of Transformers 7 would be "The Rise Of The Unicorn".

Now, even if you are not familiar with the film series you would surely question, "What would a unicorn be doing in the robotic universe."

The authors might have confused Unicorn with Unicron, an extremely powerful, gigantic robot that can devour planets. He is the eternal arch-enemy of his twin brother Primus.

The Unicorn is a cuddly, magical pony-like creature while Unicron is a cold, chaotic robot.

Aside from this blunder, the websites have also not listed any official sources to the information they've provided.

In 2018, Paramount announced that they are canceling Transformers 7 which was slated to release on June 28, 2019.

The decision was highly influenced by The Last Knight (2017)'s small box office revenue which only grossed $605.4 M compared to over a billion earned by Dark Side of the Moon (2011) and Age of Extinction (2014).

If the plans have changed earlier, all the big guys would've talked about it and we would've heard more about it by now. 


But Some People Claimed That Transformers 7 Will Be Here By 2020 Or 2021? 

With a franchise this big, there should've been a huge buzz about the film already if those release dates were correct.

The production companies would've already sent out a lot of promotions and big media and entertainment networks would've already provided us with scoops.

However, as mentioned, everything is as quiet and calm as of the moment.

The last film in the franchise, Bumblebee, was released in 2018 and received positive reviews. 


But We Have Great News!

Paramount has already announced that a new Transformers film is set to release on June 24, 2022! The announcement was very short though and the new transformers film remains untitled.

The studio is currently working on two projects, one by Murder Mystery writer James Vanderbilt and the other by John Wick Chapter 3 EP and Army of the Dead author Joby Harold.

According to Deadline, Vanderbilt's project is based on Transformers spinoff Beast Wars while the other one is in the Bumblebee universe.

So to sum it all up, Transformers 7 is not coming this year, or the next, and Paramount has no official title for an upcoming Transformer film that is set to release on 2022 yet.

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