Is Elsa Really Getting A Girlfriend In 'Frozen 2'? Let's Explore

Is Elsa Really Getting A Girlfriend In 'Frozen 2'? Let's Explore

Would Elsa be getting a girlfriend in the upcoming Frozen 2? In this article we explore the possibilities.

When it comes to the LGBTQ community Disney loves to talk a big game but they never really deliver. with all the potential "gay moments" being so abstract that they may as well be non-existent. So, the rumor about Elsa getting a girlfriend in Frozen 2 may come down to Elsa simply giving a girl a wink in a slightly provocative way that would only be noticeable by very keen eyes. But is it possible that we can get Elsa and a girl to share a full-blown kiss on the lips? Let's explore the possibility.

What does the directing team have to say about Elsa getting a girlfriend?

Frozen 2

Frozen 2 co-director Jennifer Lee gave the vaguest response to Elsa being gay. When she was asked about it by HuffPost she said: 

“I love everything that people are saying [and] people are thinking about with our film—that it’s creating dialogue, that Elsa is this wonderful character that speaks to so many people. It means the world to us that we’re part of these conversations.”

She then followed up on her previous response with:

“Where we’re going with it, we have tons of conversations about it, and we’re really conscientious about these things. For me…Elsa’s every day telling me where she needs to go, and she’ll continue to tell us. I always write from character-out, and where Elsa is and what Elsa’s doing in her life, she’s telling me every day. We’ll see where we go.”

This comment got a lot of people in the LGBTQ community jumping for joy as it sounded like some hope that they would finally get represented in a Disney movie. The #GiveElsaAGirlfriend campaign felt as though they won and that Disney listened. But, did they? Really? Did Disney really listen?

Disney's previous broken promises to the LGBTQ community

Guess what Disney, we've figured out your act. You make vague promises to add representation to the LGBTQ then underdeliver. Disney did introduce a gay character in Avengers: Endgame but did that really count since it wasn't a major character and it also wasn't a direct Disney movie. It was a Marvel Studios movie, under Disney Studios? But, let's not go into too many logistics and go back a little further and start with Finding Dory. In the trailer, fans spotted a "gay-looking" couple and everyone started talking about the potential for Finding Dory to be the first Disney-Pixar movie to introduce a gay couple and it made sense since the title character, Dory is voiced by Ellen DeGeneres. But Disney never really owned up to it. The co-director simply said: “They can be whatever you want them to be?”

Gay Couple in Finding Dory

Let's also not forget the situation in the live-action remake of Beauty and The Beast. The director promised us a "gay moment". And that moment was Gaston’s sidekick LeFou dancing with a man at the end of the film for like two seconds. Yeah, not much of a gay moment.

Will Elsa be getting a girlfriend in Frozen 2?

So this is the million dollar question and if I'm going to be very honest with you. Elsa is not getting a girlfriend. She may get a really close friend and there have been hints that Elsa and the new character we spotted in the trailer could become really close to Elsa.

Elsa and her potential girlfriend

However, I simply don't see Disney risking their reputation by making Elsa blatantly gay. We may just get "friendship goals" like Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel. A lot of families will take their kids to see Frozen 2 but is America in any state to see Elsa kiss a girl? At the moment, only 64% of Americans support same-sex marriage which I'm afraid isn't enough. Making a character gay in a Star Wars movie or in a Marvel movie will most likely be the least risky given that these films are a little bit more adult. I mean, some of the characters in those films use foul language which isn't the most kid-friendly thing. So, if Disney is going to full-on introduce a gay character it will definitely not be in the kid-friendly Frozen franchise. I can bet all my money on this.

We are expected to be introduced to the first openly gay major character in the Disney family when Marvel's The Eternals is released. I'm sorry to disappoint everyone who was looking forward to Elsa being gay. I just don't see it happening. But, Disney does have the capacity to surprise us when Frozen hits theaters on November 22nd, 2019.


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