'Intrusion' Ending Explained: What Does The Cobb Family Have To Do With Henry?

'Intrusion' Ending Explained: What Does The Cobb Family Have To Do With Henry?

Meera and Henry move into their dream house but things take a turn for the worse as their house gets invaded not once but twice.

The Freida Pinto and Logan Marshall-Green starrer Intrusion is a 2021 thriller film that you can now stream on Netflix. The film was written by Chris Sparling and directed by Adam Salky and is about a home invasion at a couple's new house that leaves the wife traumatized and doubting the real intentions of everyone around her including that of her own husband. 

The film has received mixed reviews with the plot being extremely predictable and obvious. It would make for an easy watch for those who are hoping not to get too invested on a weekend night on a serious watch. If you are curious to know if you should invest your time in watching this thriller keep reading.

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'Intrusion' Synopsis

Meera (Pinto) is a cancer survivor and therapist, and her husband Henry (Marshall-Green), is an architect. The couple moves into a small town outside of Albuquerque and into a house that Henry had designed himself. This is the house where all the action is going to take place and the walls of the modernist and opulent home hold a lot of secrets. 

One night, the couple go out on a date and return to find that their house has been ransacked. Meera notes that only their electronic devices were stolen despite there being a lot of other precious and more valuable things they could have taken with them. After the initial shock, they try to go back to life as usual as Henry starts to fix up the house. But before things can get better, they get worse as their house becomes the target again as a group of masked invaders shows up in their house.


The couple has to now fight off a group of burglars. Henry tries to take control of the situation as he helps Meera escape. He then pulls out a hidden gun from the flower pot much to Meera's shock. Just as she gets into the car, she hears gunshots from the house. She fears the worse but is relieved to find that Henry is the one who shot at the burglars killing almost all of them except one. This incident further traumatized Meera who is also very wary of her husband who seems to be unaffected by what had taken place. 

The investigators let the couple know that their attackers were from the same family and the surviving member was in the ICU. They also learn that a member of their family had been missing for a while. 

Henry Is Not Who He Seems

That night, Henry tells Meera that he will go to the grocery store to pick up supplies for the housewarming party. Meera realizes he's left his wallet behind and drives after Henry to give it back to him and soon she realizes that he is not taking the route to the grocery store at all. She decides to pursue him but her chase is cut short when she meets with an accident. But after doing some snooping with Henry's GPS she finds out that he was actually at the trailer park where the detective said the burglar family lived. The investigator in their case also informs them that the last surviving member of the family had passed away. This also happened to be the same time Henry had gone missing.


Meera feels uneasy and does some more snooping and finds a videotape and also learns that Henry knew the burglars, the Cobb family. He admits that they were the ones who had helped build the house. But then they had started threatening him and he refused to pay them which was why he explained that they had broken into their house twice. She seems to be satisfied with this explanation. 

'Intrusion' Ending, Explained: How Is Henry Related To Christine?

After some more unsettling news, Meera decides to finally look at the videotape she found at the Cobb household. In the video, she finds that the Cobb father accuses Henry of kidnapping Christine and hiding her in their house. Meera is shaken by the news and ventures into Henry's office to look at the house blueprints. And sure enough, she finds a secret room in the house. She finds her way to this room and is shocked to find the missing Christine tied to a chair. As she tries to help her Henry shows up. 

Turns out Henry is not alright in the head and gets a kick from the power he holds over the helpless woman tied up. He then ties up his wife as well and goes down to put an end to the housewarming party. Before he can come back for his two victims, they have managed to free themselves and try to escape. Henry strikes Meera and tries to drag back Christine. But Meera hits him, the force of which ends up killing Henry, and the two women run away.

Meera then sells the house and goes away to start a new life.


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