8 Interesting Facts About 'Wednesday' Star Emma Myers

Who is Emma Myers? Get to know her exclusively through this article.

Emma Myers | Getty Images | Leon Bennett

Emma Myers is yet another breakout star of Netflix's latest hit series, Wednesday. Myers plays a werewolf named Enid Sinclair. She is also Wednesday's best friend and roommate. Emma has worked in famous movies like Girl In The Basement in 2021 and A Taste Of Christmas in 2020. If you are living under a rock and haven't already watched Wednesday, I'd hope this article will give you that delicate push needed for you to indulge in the horror series this holiday season. Here's every detail about Emma Myers after scouring hard! As her stardom soars we wanted to bring to you some facts about her personality. 

Emma Myers is a Competitive Dancer 

Getty Images | Leon Bennett
Getty Images | Leon Bennett

Emma Myers was a contemporary dancer, a form that involved incorporating aspects of movement from several other genres such as jazz, modern, and ballet.

Emma Myers Had a crush on Gnomeo from Gnomeo and Juliet


Back in her childhood days, Emma Myers had a huge crush on Gnomeo from Gnomeo and Juliet, and she believes that it was because James McAvoy voiced the character. 

Emma Myers is a Huge Fan of the K-Pop boy band SEVENTEEN


Speaking to Teen Vogue, she said the band's 2020 Newark concert was the best concert she had ever seen. She added,

I don't understand people who are sort of casual about something. When I get into something, that is my whole personality for a very long time. [@ememyers via Instagram]

Emma Myers considered herself more of a Wednesday in Real Life

While she perfectly portrays the happy-go-lucky character, she considers herself an introvert in real life. She also said that while Enid has a lot of energy, She, on the other hand doesn't consider herself someone with so much energy and easily gets nervous in certain situations. 

Despite Being Allergic To Cats, Emma Myers has a Pet Cat


Yes, you read that right! Despite her being allergic to cats, she has a cat, and that's not it; she is planning to get another one very soon. 

Emma Myers Once Got  Pepper-Sprayed 


According to Just Jared, Emma Myers got pepper-sprayed on a train to Italy as the person was trying to steal her mobile phone. 

Emma Myers Screamed with Joy when She Received the Role of Enid Sinclair

During an interview with Grazia, USA, Emma said that she had never screamed so loud in her entire life. She talked about a prank her manager pulled on her. She said, " She’ll call me and call me by the name of the character, but this time, she called and was like, ‘There’s something wrong with my phone. I’ll call you back.’ She called me back and said, ‘Do you think your phone will have this problem in Romania?’ It completely went over my head, and then I realized what she was saying. I ran to my mom screaming, and then we went out to dinner to celebrate.”

Emma Myers Would Rather be a Psychic than a Werewolf

In an interview with MTV news, Emma said that she likes being a werewolf, but for a change, she would like to be a psychic. She said this because she is greatly into telekinesis.