Ingress The Animation Season 2: Netflix Release Date And Renewal Status

Ingress The Animation Season 2: Netflix Release Date And Renewal Status

This is a Japanese anime series based on San-Francisco software development Niantic’s (also known for Pokémon Go, and Jurrasic World Alive) eponymous augmented reality mobile game.

If you’re into Netflix and anime, then you’ve probably heard of Ingress The Animation. If not, we’ll fill you in on it. So this is a Japanese anime series based on San-Francisco software development Niantic’s (also known for Pokémon Go, and Jurassic World Alive) eponymous augmented reality mobile game. Craftar is the studio responsible for the series’ CG art and animation.

The series was previously scheduled to air on November 23, 2018, but was pushed back to April 30, 2019, so that the series could air in Japan weekly before it was available for streaming on Netflix.

The story of the anime centers around police investigator Makoto, who has a special ability to read the memories of any object that he comes in contact with. During his investigation of an explosion from a laboratory that was performing research on an unknown substance by the name of “XM”, things take a turn for the strangest after he touches a ring of an amnesiac woman who somehow managed to survive the explosion and sees a gruesome vision that has him entangled in a giant conspiracy.

Ingress: The Animation Season 2 Release Date

Ingress: The Animation

When, or rather, if Ingress: The Animation is renewed for a second season, it is very likely going to be hit by another major delay where it airs weekly in Japan first, before making its way to Netflix months later.

As we mentioned earlier, Ingress The Animation was supposed to air in the winter of 2018 but got pushed back till April 2019. The reason for this was because the show was airing weekly in Japan, before finishing the first season off on December 27th.

While it’s not known how long Craftar took to animate the series, unless they’ve already started working on it, we probably won’t expect to see it arrive until the end of 2019 in Japan first, before taking about 5 months longer before being available on Netflix probably sometime in 2020.

Ingress: The Animation Season 2 Renewal Status

Ingress The Animation

As of right now, there is no official word on when or even if the series will be renewed since Netflix does tend to kill off a series even when it does pretty good - case in point, Daredevil. But seeing as how Ingress did pretty well for itself, there’s less of a need to be alarmed. Even still, Netflix isn’t completely responsible for a show’s renewal, although it does hold a massive influence on a show’s future - case in point Young Justice.

Although Ingress is listed as a Netflix Original, it doesn’t mean that it owns or develops it. Netflix simply holds the license for the show’s global distribution rights. Other anime shows that fall into that category includes Kakegurui and The Seven Deadly Sins.

And the money that Netflix pays for the worldwide distribution license is a great contribution to an anime series’ production. But considering how popular the AR game that the show is based on is, there is more than enough money to fund a second season.

Ingress: The Animation Season 2 Plot

*Season 1 Spoilers!*

Ingress: The Animation

No word on the anime’s renewal as of yet. But based on the ending of the final episode of season 1, many months have passed for which Makoto, the protagonist, has spent his time living in the shadows. His main priority is to locate Sarah and Jack with the help of a couple of friends along the way, of course.

What Subscribers Thought of Ingress: The Animation Season 1

The fans have reacted quite favorably to the anime with a couple of them saying the following:

“Ingress on Netflix was way better than Baki IMO” - Shaun Delaney


“I've started watching the just released #IngressTheAnimation on #Netflix. They did a really great job of bringing the #Ingress game functions into the storyline, well worth watching if you're a fan of ingress and/or anime!  

And those closing credits were superbly done!!” - Stephen Cameron / OutlanderXT


“I just discovered there's an Ingress anime on Netflix. My day in the sickbed is saved.” - Rauno @ Dokomi


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