Fan Edit Of 'Avengers: Endgame' Removes Brie Larson From The Movie

Fan Edit Of 'Avengers: Endgame' Removes Brie Larson From The Movie

'Avengers: Endgame' is widely loved by fans all across the world but one fan edit of the movie has entirely removed Brie Larson's part from the movie.

Last week, there was a petition made by a lot of unhappy fans that called for Marvel Studios to replace Brie Larson with a gay woman of color. The petition gathered around 23,000 signatures and is less than 2,000 away from its goal. This petition is kind of ridiculous and 'Avengers: Endgame' marked the second time the Academy Award-winning actress has played Carol Danvers this year. 


According to an Australian pop culture website Pedestrian, an anonymous user posted their own edited version of the movie to torrent websites.  Most scenes that feature women, categorically that of Brie Larson along with others were cut out.


The edit of the movie consists of the following:

1. Hawkeye training his daughter

2. Women leader conference and no gay support talk

3. Moping/Dialogue/Filler in first act severely reduced

4. Anything related to science that is not related to the story

5. Tony doesn’t meet his Dad, Thor doesn’t  meet his Mom

6. Black Panther isn’t the first revived Avenger to arrive

7. The final battle of the women is severely reduced


Going by the list, it looks like the entire edit was made out of spite towards Endgame‘s three-hour runtime and several time travel sequences. Also, some fan was so offended at the thought of people other than straight, white men helping save the day that they went on to remove some of the beloved diverse characters that helped make Endgame the amazing movie that it is. 


The fan support also removed the support group which includes Joe Russo mentioning he went on a date with a man. Russo defended the scene but, the fans were having none of it. The fan edit has been uploaded to a number of  torrent sites that have edited out "most quips" and "give more consistent serious tone" because "superheroes should not be funny."


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