'If You Were The Last' Ending Explained

'If You Were the Last' is a cosmic romantic comedy where astronauts Adam and Jane, stranded in space, find love and choose each other after returning to Earth.

If You Were The Last

In the world of romantic comedies, 'If You Were the Last' stands out as a unique gem. Directed by Kristian Mercado and brought to life by a talented cast, this film takes love to the final frontier – outer space. Starring Anthony Mackie as Adam Gherrity and Zoe Chao as Jane Kuang, 'If You Were the Last' is a heartwarming tale of two astronauts stranded in space, their growing attraction, and the challenges they face when returning to Earth. In this article, we'll dive into the plot and explore the captivating ending of this cosmic romantic journey.


Our story begins with Adam and Jane stranded in space, miles away from Earth. As they drift through the vastness of the cosmos, they engage in chess matches, debate the merits of saving one man in space versus helping people on Earth, and maintain a spaceship ecosystem complete with a goat named Gertie and a flock of hens. Their camaraderie is evident, and their daily routines help them cope with the isolation of being stranded in space.

It's revealed that their mission was to circumnavigate Jupiter, but after crossing Saturn, their ship lost navigation and communication capabilities. They've been in space for almost three years, and one of their colleagues, Benson, tragically lost his sanity and his life during their ordeal.

Jane and Adam's relationship evolves as they share moments of exercise, dance, and heated debates about movies and music. At one point, Adam suggests they have sex to relieve the stress of their situation, but Jane resists, fearing the ethical implications and the impact it might have on their marriages.

Their connection deepens as they face challenges together, with Gertie's passing and a music file corruption crisis. As Jane successfully repairs the ship's navigation controls, hope is rekindled that they might return to Earth. In the midst of celebration, Adam and Jane give in to their feelings and engage in a passionate relationship, although Jane insists it lacks emotional depth.

If You Were The Last
If You Were The Last

The Return to Earth:

After three long years, Adam and Jane are finally rescued and return to Earth. They reconnect with their spouses, Tom and Savannah, undergo medical tests, and share the truth about Benson's demise. However, their lives on Earth are far from straightforward, as they struggle to assimilate into their old lives.

Adam attempts to support Savannah's political career, while Jane finds herself at odds with her husband, Tom. They both yearn for the connection they formed in space, feeling out of sync with their spouses. Their relationships with their significant others become strained, and the tension escalates.

The Climactic Moment:

The film's climax arrives during a dinner hosted by the President of the USA. Jane and Adam are asked to dance together, which triggers an emotional realization. They understand that the unique bond they share cannot be replicated with their spouses and is indeed special. Jane makes the decision to get a divorce, and Savannah acknowledges Adam's feelings for Jane.

The Happily Ever After:

In the end, Jane and Adam choose to be together. They embark on a journey to Iceland, a place of magic and wonder, under the northern lights. They play chess and discuss movies, solidifying their happily ever after. Their journey through space may have been unconventional, but it led to a love that transcends the ordinary.

Why Did Tom and Jane Split?

Tom and Jane's separation can be attributed to a fundamental incompatibility in their personalities and interests. The strain on their relationship becomes evident as they struggle to reconnect. Jane's emotional turmoil and her admission of infidelity with Adam catalyze their parting ways. Jane's fear of complicating her relationship with Tom, stemming from her romantic involvement with Adam during their space-bound years, also plays a significant role.

Adam and Savannah's Relationship:

Adam's relationship with Savannah takes a hit due to her intense focus on her career, resulting in neglect and a lack of communication. This growing distance between them becomes even more apparent when Savannah witnesses Adam and Jane dancing together. In a selfless act, Savannah decides to step aside to allow Adam and Jane to pursue their love.


'If You Were the Last' is a unique romantic comedy that takes love to the stars and back. Adam and Jane's cosmic journey showcases the power of connection in the most extraordinary circumstances. Their ending, marked by a heartfelt dance and a decision to be together, reminds us that true love knows no boundaries. It's a tale of love beyond the stars, where the universe itself becomes the backdrop to their extraordinary love story.