I Am Not Okay With This Season 2- Everything We Know So Far

I Am Not Okay With This Season 2- Everything We Know So Far

We join Sydney as she tries to figure out how to balance the start of puberty with interest from her neighbor, feels for her best friends and...superpowers?

While most of us develop acne during puberty, some people develop superpowers. I Am Not Okay With This is a quirky take on the superhero genre. By using the narrative devices explored in End of the Fxxxing World alongside supernatural elements not foreign to a series like Stranger Things and some quirky coming-of-age humor that you're likely to find in movies like To All The Boys I've Loved Before, it builds a compelling narrative. To say that this is a custom-built Netflix series isn't too much of a stretch, but it's got a charm all on its own that's unique to this series in particular.

Who's In The Cast of I Am Not Okay With This Season 2?

I Am Not Okay Cast

None of the main protagonists died during the first season, and we'll likely see all of them reprising their roles for season 2. Sydney (Sophia Lillis) and Dana (Sofia Bryant) resume their odd friendship with each other. Strange yet lovable Stanley Barber (Wyatt Oleff) is still running after Syd at the end of season 1. Liam (Aidan Wojtak-Hissong) and Maggie (Kathleen Rose Perkins) also retain their roles going into season 2. There's also a mysterious stranger we saw at the end of season 1 that we aren't too sure about the identity of, but he may be a significant component of season 2. A notable loss from season 1 will be Brad (Richard Ellis), who (quite literally) lost his head after trying to share Syd's secrets with the rest of the school.

What's the Plot of Season 2 Look Like?

Syd and Dana

In season 1, Syd spent a lot of time lying to herself about whether she was hallucinating or not. Eventually, she realized that she wasn't, although controlling her powers was well beyond her ability. In a fit of rage, she blew up the school bully's head in a massive explosion of blood and grey matter. In season 2, the dark figure (who some suspect may be Syd's father) guides her in how to control her powers. We'll probably have to figure out how the town is going to deal with the blood-soaked prom's aftermath. There's a lot that the series needs to explore in season two, both from the perspective of relationships as well as Syd's budding superpowers. The finale of season 1 leaves so much unanswered that we're left on the edge of our seats waiting for season 2.

A Graphic Novel Source

Supermarket Mayhem

Like a lot of recent Netflix Original Series, this one also uses a graphic novel as the source material. Unlike a lot of the others, however, the source material is heavily limited in what it provides. Aside from the premise, setting, and a few scenes in between, the show hasn't really been a close approximation of the graphic novel. The tone of the story in the book was also a lot darker, and it finished with a much more concrete ending. Season 1 covers the general beat of the book but expands on it extensively, and the result is a show that makes watchers hungry to see what the second season will have in store for them. The first season is already streaming on Netflix, so checking it out now would get you in on the loop.

When is Season 2 Being Released?

Netflix has yet to renew the show and hasn't given a definite date on the second season release. Reports have put the second season to drop in early 2021, because of the amount of time a single episode takes to film. If you haven't watched this series yet, now's the perfect time to get started!

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