High Seas Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

High Seas Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

With the completion of season 2 of High Seas, we look forward to what season 3 of the period-piece cruise has in store for us in terms of mystery and intrigue.

Gone are the days when people would board a luxury liner and sail across the sea to destinations unknown. Now, even though we have luxury cruises, they have changed a lot from the one we see in High Seas. This period drama puts us aboard a ship bound for Brazil from Spain, in which each passenger has his or her own motive and direction. Between the dirty secrets and dangerous games, the passengers play with one another, the journey seems to be quite an eventful one so far. With the close of the second season leaving us approaching Rio De Janeiro, there's a lot for us to consider regarding the next season to come.

A Foreign Language Series With Class

High Seas

If you're not a fan of subtitles, you might still enjoy the bits of reading you have to do to keep up with what's going on. The first two seasons allow us to follow the exploits of a pair of sisters, Eva and Carolina Villanueva, as they embark on a cruise aboard the Bárbara de Braganza following the death of their father. All is not as kosher as it seems, and the sisters become embroiled in investigating mysterious murders taking place at sea. In between the cover-ups, and conspiracies that abound, we become more attached to each of the characters.

With each episode, we learn a bit about their background and how they find themselves on the trip. Little by little we start to first suspect one passenger, then another, unsure of who the real killer might actually be. The entire series feels as though it wouldn't be out of place as a Hercule Poirot mystery, Orient Express, and all.

Who's In the Cast of High Seas Season 3?

High Seas

One of the things about a show about random murders is that the characters you've come to love can get wiped out in an instant. Regulars Ivana Baquero (Eva Villanueva) and Alejandra Onieva (Carolina Villanueva) return alongside other familiar faces. The Captain of the Barbara de Braganza (Jose Sacristan) and Jon Kortajarena (Nicolas Vasquez as the lead investigator aboard the ship make up other key actors within the cast. For those who aren't familiar with Spanish actors and actresses, names such as Eloy Azorín (Fernando Fábregas) and Manuela Vellés (Louisa Sofía Plazaola) won't mean anything until you actually watch the series.

What Are We Looking Forward To in the Plot of High Seas Season 3?

High Seas

At the close of season 2, the Barbara de Braganza was pulling into port in Rio de Janeiro. A few mysteries that started in the second season were unresolved, making us think that we'll see a bit of closure this coming season. We're uncertain as to whether the next season will pick up in Rio itself, or if we'll see another leg of the cruise. The second season had a lot of paranormal story arcs, and this might continue in season 3. There is still a lot of uncertainty as to what we should expect for this series going forward. It's so open-ended that the showrunners can direct us almost anywhere.

When Should We Expect Season 3?

All the speculation hinges on when Netflix will make the announcement. Season 2 began in November of 2019, making it likely that we won't see a release on season 3 until late 2020.

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