Here's Everything New On Netflix Today: February 7th, 2020

Here's Everything New On Netflix Today: February 7th, 2020

Here are all the new releases on Netflix today

Happy Friday guys! It's the last day in most of your busy weeks and now it's time to wind down with some good ole fashion Netflix chilling. There are a couple of new releases out on the streaming giant today and we've got the full list for you right here. Let's dive right into it. Shall we?

Horse Girl (2020)

Horse Girl (2020)

This interesting new drama stars the always amazing Alison Brie. It's about a girl who loves the arts, horses and supernatural crime shows who finds her very lucid dreams leaking into her real life. The film is directed by Jeff Baena and also stars Robin Tunney, Debby Ryan, Paul Reiser. Definitely a must watch.


Locke & Key (Season 1)

Locke & Key

Of course, we had to feature this new horror series. We have been talking about it on this blog for the past couple of weeks. And it's only fair that we alert you of its release. This brand new series has the potential to be the next big Netflix hit. It's about three siblings who move, with their mom to their dad's ancestral estate after his death. At the estate, they discover keys that unlock powers and a wealth of secrets. It stars Kevin Alves, Thomas Mitchell Barnet, Coby Bird, and Asha Bromfield.


My Holo Love (Limited Series)

My Holo Love

This film is about a lonely woman who builds a connection with a human-like hologram who looks a lot like the man who created it. This Netflix Original Korean film is for all those into weird romances.


Below is the full list of all the new releases.


Horse Girl (2020)

Azali (2018)

The Ballad Of Lefty Brown (2017)

TV Shows

Locke & Key (Season 1)

Who Killed Malcolm X (Season 1)

Fifty: The Series (2 Seasons)

Dragons: Rescue Riders (Season 2)

My Holo Love (2020)

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