Revisions Season 2: Netflix Release Date And Renewal Status

Revisions Season 2: Netflix Release Date And Renewal Status

If you are an anime addict, then you must be really curious to know if 'Revisions' is getting a season 2. Here's everything we know so far.

The second season for the anime series 'Revisions' was teased in the season 1 finale where Nicholas Sato screamed at Daisuke Dojima saying 'I swear I will be back someday'. Daisuke made a promise to save his friends in any way since his destiny will continue. The final end scene cuts off abruptly where several other areas of the world disappeared into spacetime.  The series is written by Makoto Fukami and Taichi Hashimoto and the production of this anime is handled by Shirogumi. Here is everything you need to know about the second season of 'Revisions'. 

'Revisions' Season 2 Renewal Status


The official date for the Netflix renewal is still pending and it is expected that no news for renewal will come anytime soon but within a month or two we expect news to begin surfacing. The streaming giant has the exclusive license to stream the series worldwide, but it ultimately comes down to Fuji TV.

Anime series takes a considerable amount of time to finish, as one episode can take up to six months. The release of season 1 was announced back in March 2018 by Fuji TV and it finally aired in January 2019. Going by the track of it, the production of the second season will take a year to develop. It will likely air first in Japan before coming to Netflix and the audience can expect to see the second season by the summer of 2020.

Revisions Manga And Light Novels

Most Animes are adaptations of either a manga or a light novel. 'Revisions', on the other hand, is a completely original anime without any source material. So, unlike most animes, we can't just go into the mangas to see what happens next. However, there is a manga that is based on the anime with Kuro (Clockwork Planet) as the Revisions manga illustrator and Jinroku Myogaya (Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness) as the writer. Chapters of the manga began releasing in Kodanshaโ€™s Monthly Shonen Sirius magazine on November 26th, 2018 to go along with the anime.

Revisions Manga

The Manga is not further than the anime but we can expect it to soon expand on the show and possibly surpass it to the point where it can become source material for future seasons.

Revisions Season 2 Cast


The anime series has an ensemble cast of several voiceover artists that features Kลki Uchiyama voicing Daisuke Dojima's character, Milo's character is voiced by Mikako Komatsu, Nobunaga Shimazaki voices the character of Chang Gai Steiner, Chang Lu Steiner's character is voiced by Rie Takahashi, Manaka Iwami gives voice to the character of Marin Temari, and Soma Saito gives voice to the character of Keisuke Asano. 

Online Reaction to Revisions Season 2


The first season of 'Revisions' was widely accepted by many. The pacing of the season was relatively fast which many fans had mixed feelings about. However, the show was still able to satisfy the needs of hardcore anime fans. Another issue that split fans is the use of 3D CGI. It was a controversial move by the production team to use CG as opposed to a traditional anime look





'Revisions' Summary


'Revisions' follows the life of Daisuke Doujima, who was kidnapped when he was a child. He then gets involved in a special phenomenon called Shibuya Drift with his childhood friends Gai, Ru, Marimari, and Keisaku. They are then transferred to the Shibuya neighborhood 300 years in the future. There, they discover a group of people known as "Revisions" who fight with giant mechanical monsters to defeat an unknown enemy and recover their present.

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