Black Summer Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Black Summer Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

This zombie-themed Netflix original show was an immediate hit among the fans and the critics alike. So bring you all the details about a second season.

This latest Netflix Original series about Zombie apocalypse premiered on April 11, 2019, but if you have seen the season finale, you will know that the people are far from safe from the undead. It has been almost six months since the season finale aired and it is the third Zombie apocalypse series that is available for streaming now. The show is set in Z-Nation and during the darkest and the most dangerous days of the zombie apocalypse. Here is everything you need to know about season 2 of 'Black Summer'. 

When is the release date of 'Black Summer' season 2?


It has not been confirmed if the second season has been greenlit by Netflix yet or not. Usually, it takes around two or three months for Netflix to make the decision of a renewal, primarily based on how the show has performed. But, if 'Black Summer' is not confirmed by Netflix anytime soon, they might let go of the show without even announcing any cancellation. 

Who all are a part of the cast of Black Summer season 2?


It can be expected that both Rosie and her daughter are alive, so there is a very high chance that they will be making a comeback for the second season along with Sun and Spears. Speaking of Lance, he drifts off from the group and runs off with a horde of zombies hot on his tail. Even though there is not a very good chance that he will come back alive, let's hope we get to see him at least for a few episodes if and when season 2 airs. 

What will happen in Black Summer season 2?


Even though the show has not been officially renewed yet, actor Jaime King has dropped hints saying that a second season will be happening. In an interview with Comicbook, he said, "What I can tease is that whatever you think is gonna happen, will not happen. It will always keep you on your toes. It really comes back to like very real human traits. Like, is the person egotistical? Do they have some kind of ulterior motive? What is in each character's base psychology? That's what's so cool about it, is that it really becomes metaphorical to what life is like. Every time I read the script, I just never expected to read what I was going to read."

When can I watch the trailer of Black Summer Season 2?


Since there has been no official confirmation about season 2, there is no chance that we will get a brand new trailer anytime soon. But, if you have not watched the trailer for the first season, you can watch it right here. 

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