Here Is A List Of 20 Best TV Shows On Netflix To Binge On Right Now!

Here Is A List Of 20 Best TV Shows On Netflix To Binge On Right Now!

The streaming giant has a number of great shows to watch and we have made a compilation of twenty of the best shows to binge on.

One of the biggest and most difficult decisions to make is to which shows will be worth binge watching. But, we are here to your rescue and made a list of twenty of the best shows that are on Netflix right now that you can binge watch on the weekend. This list has a mix of a lot of genres and it caters to the varied tastes of the audience. So kick back and relax and make any pick from the list we have prepared for you. 

1. Sex Education


When our parents have 'The Talk' with us, all of us have experienced the awkwardness, but it has also been considered as a rite of passage. 'Sex Education' is a Netflix Original that revolves around the son of a sex therapist who is a little backward in coming forwards, until he and his friends assemble their own sex therapy clinic for their classmates. 

2. Santa Clarita Diet


The series brings us back Drew Barrymore, who has been out of the limelight for quite a while now. Even though the series is about zombies, it tells the story of Sheila a happily-married realtor who one day discovers she's dead and has a major appetite for human flesh. 

3. The Punisher


A spin-off from 'Daredevil', it tells the story of Frank Castle and it delves deep into his traumatic past. and pushes forward into an even more troubled future. What makes it a binge-worthy series is that it takes risks to try and push on into new territory. Also, it does not restrict itself to any particular superhero genre.  

4. Black Mirror


One of the top-rated shows of all time, it is a must watch for all the Netflix users out there. The most amazing aspect about this series is that it is only set a few years ahead in the future and it eerily shows what can happen if we as humans become too dependent on technology or if technology begins to govern everything in our lives. While it's often described as a sci-fi, it packs in elements from every genre imaginable and this is exactly what makes it a must watch. 

5. Fargo


This show is a spin-off/sequel from the Coen brothers movie of the same name. For season 1, FX's award-winning anthology series had a number of story strands all interwoven to paint an eerily-similar story to the 1996 feature. And the best part about the series is that you don't need to watch the movie in order to keep up with the series. 

6. Dead to me


This show by Netflix is one of the most popular ones out there right now. Being dubbed as a dark comedy it is certainly black-hole-dark in its depiction of laughter through trauma. The story revolves around the life of a real-estate woman named Jen, who is struggling to get back to her normal life following her husband's death. She joins a grief therapy group and befriends a woman named Judy. Both of them become close friends as they work to track down the hit-and-run driver who killed Jen’s husband. 

7. American Crime Story


This show is very different from the typical crime documentaries out there as the series is a fictionalized account of the events depicted and you will be hooked on this series till the end for sure. The first season focused on the case of O.J Simpson and season 2 focuses on Andrew Cunanan, who murdered Gianni Versace. 

8. The Crown


This Netflix series tells the story of Queen Elizabeth from the start of her reign up until the present day. This series starts with the story just before the coronation and after the end of the second season, it finds the Queen at an interesting precipice in her role as sovereign and as wife and mother. It is one of the best TV series to binge watch out there and the character portrayal of everyone is beyond amazing. 

9. Daredevil


The show has three seasons and it definitely has some of the best adventurous stunt choreography ever seen in a TV series. It is an experience in itself to watch Murdock displaying his athletic power, given the fact that he is blind. It is the first of Marvel TV series that was aired on Netflix and it has been described as a blustering blend of brooding character drama, hyperreal action, and some of the best villainy since Heath Ledger played the role of Joker. 

10. The Haunting of Hill House


It is one of those TV shows that you don't know that you need to watch. The series is packed with a good amount of scares and some amazing plot twists and the two elements are so tightly interwoven that it becomes almost impossible to imagine that the story might have been told in any other way. 

11. Russian Doll


Taking inspiration from the movie 'Groundhog Day', the first season is tightly constructed with a brief eight-episode run, each episode coming in at 30 minutes or under. The series has a pretty tight grip which will keep you glued to the screen until the end. 

12. The Umbrella Academy


One of the best superhero TV series to come on Netflix in recent times, The Umbrella Academy tells the story of seven teenagers who have superpowers and they have to put their superpowers to use in order to save the world. The series, which runs for 10 episodes, is not an origin story. All the members have grown up now, after spending their childhood under the limelight. The Umbrella Academy is an extremely enjoyable, quirky, and well worth your time. 

13. Mad Men


This show features some of the TV’s best performances in history. Even though they lack in terms of Emmys, there are a lot of standout episodes throughout the series. Honestly, it is one of the most enjoyable series to binge watch on Netflix right now. 

14. The Office (U.S.)


From the very beginning, this show was golden. We see Michael Scott as an extremely frustrating but a human character. Seeing his performance, it seems like a crime that he never won an Emmy over the course of the show’s run, and while the series itself might have dragged a bit for a season or two, it still is an extremely enjoyable watch and remains positively delightful. 

15. Breaking Bad


In my opinion, this series is the best TV series EVER. The show starts with a middle-aged high school chemistry teacher Walter White receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis and opting to go into the crystal meth trade so that he can leave some money behind for his family. As the story progresses, Walter White becomes much more dangerous and terrifying, and it makes you wonder if this trait was always there within him, bubbling under the surface of his calm facade.  

16. Mindhunter


It was one of the best TV shows to grace our screens in 2017. The series itself is based on true events and follows the early days of the FBI’s criminal profiling unit in the late 1970s. It’s an addictive series that refuses to go down easy or well-worn paths. 

17. Parks and Recreation


The show began as a semi-spin-off of 'The Office', but once it reached the second season, the show turns absolute gold. It is absolutely sincere and free of cynicism. It’s clear that even if the characters rib each other, there’s genuine love between them. And this is exactly what it makes a show worth binge watching. 

18. The West Wing


This show is definitely Aaron Sorkin‘s magnum opus and serves as an ode to people trying to do their jobs well. Not only the series is actively engaging, but it’s also a hilarious comedy, a moving drama, and a charming love story all rolled into one.

19. The Good Place


The Good Place is a sweet, funny, and brilliant piece of television that will keep you glued to the screen until the very end. If you start watching it now, you will think why didn't you think about watching it sooner.

20. Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina


This Netflix Original series is a new take on the comics turned series that show Sabrina The Teenage witch into a much darker light. The series picks up just before Sabrina’s sixteenth birthday, which will be marked not by a traditional celebration, but by an old tradition known as 'Dark Baptism'. For that, Sabrina has to sign over her soul to the Dark Lord under a blood moon. I am sure you get where this show is going. If you like the shows being dark and occulty, go watch it now!

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