The 10 Scariest Movies Based On Measuring Viewers’ Heart Rates

The 10 Scariest Movies Based On Measuring Viewers’ Heart Rates

Which is your favorite horror movie from this list?

While a few horror films make us jump out of our seats, almost ALL of them get our hearts racing especially during really intense scenes. In fact, some experts measured the heart rates of viewers watching horror films. Based on that, they were able to determine the scariest horror film. According to Brightside, the platform BroadbandChoices did a study where subjects watched horror films based on top ratings from IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and Reddit. The study stated that "watching each movie in 5.1 surround sound, our panel of 50 people consumed over 120 hours of the best horror movies, each fitted with a heart rate monitor to measure which movies got their blood pumping the most to find the ultimate horror movie and crown the king of fright night." Which film ended on top? Let's have a look.

#10 - The Visit (2015)

IMDb score — 6.2
Heart rate: 79–100 bpm

Two young teens are heading to their grandparents' place. 15-year-old Becca and 13-year-old Tyler are told not to leave their room after 9:30 pm. Soon enough, they find out why.


#9: The Descent (2005)

IMDb score — 7.2
Heart rate: 79–122 bpm

This terrifying film follows a group of girls who love the outdoors. They end up going to the mountains and stumble upon a cave. Once they enter, the exit gets blocked by rocks! The scariest part? They soon find out that they're not alone in the cave.


#8: The Babadook (2014)

IMDb score — 6.8
Heart rate: 80–116 bpm

Sam is a 6-year-old boy who was born on the day his dad died. He was raised by his single mom Amelia. He is now having trouble as he sees monsters everywhere. Little does he know that when he asks his mother to read him a book about the mysterious Babadook, the monster becomes more than just a tale in the pages.


#7: The Conjuring 2 (2016)

IMDb score — 7.3
Heart rate: 80–120 bpm

The Warrens are trying to help a single mother of 4 children that are haunted by supernatural beings. The movie is a sequel to the widely-popular The Conjuring that came out in 2013. Don't worry that's on this list as well!


#6: It Follows (2014)

IMDb score — 6.8
Heart rate: 81–93 bpm

Jay goes on a bunch of weird dates with a guy from college. She later realizes that he put a curse on her that makes a strange creature follow her all the time. What does the creature want? To kill her!


#5: Paranormal Activity (2007)

IMDb score — 6.3
Heart rate: 82–127 bpm

One of the more "realistic" horror flicks, the film follows Katie and Micah as they move into a new house. But they end up being disturbed by strange noises. When they buy a video camera to figure out what’s happening in their house while they sleep, what they discover is terrifying.

Source: IMDb

#4: Hereditary (2018)

IMDb score — 7.3
Heart rate: 83–109 bpm

Terrible things begin to happen to Annie Graham's family when her mother dies. She soon discovers all the terrible secrets her family had been hiding from her.


#3: The Conjuring (2013)

IMDb score — 7.5
Heart rate: 84–129 bpm

The horror film is based on a real event and follows the Warrens as they help a family terrorized by a demon. The Warrens soon step in to find out how they can stop the paranormal being.


#2: Insidious (2010)

IMDb score — 6.8
Heart rate: 85–133 bpm

Strange things are happening in Josh and Renai's new house which soon takes a traumatic turn. Their 10-year-old son Dalton goes into a coma and even experts don't know what to do. Soon they realize that their young boy is somehow connected to another world.


#1: Sinister (2012)

IMDb score — 6.8
Heart rate: 86–131 bpm

Another haunted house! A writer and his family move into a house where a murder took place a year before. The writer finds a video that digs deeper into the crime of what happened. But soon strange things begin to happen that puts the writer’s life at risk.


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