Heaven Official's Blessing Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

This is a live update article and it will be updated as new details about Heaven Official's Blessings Season 3 come our way. This is what we know so far.

Heaven Official's Blessing Season 3

"Heaven Official’s Blessing" follows the journey of Prince Xie Lian, a martial god demoted to a scrap god. In Season 2, viewers were taken deep into the Ghost City arc, witnessing Xie Lian embarking on a secret mission assigned by Jun Wu. Accompanied by his companions Shi Qingxuan and Lang Qianqiu, the martial god becomes entangled in a conspiracy that could potentially place him at its center. But can we expect Season 3? Let's explore.

Is Heaven Official's Blessings Season 3 Happening?

Currently, there is no official announcement regarding the renewal or release date of season 3 of "Heaven Official's Blessing". However, fans of the series can take comfort in the fact that the donghua adaptations usually continue until they exhaust the source material. This pattern gives hope to the fans for a new season, even if it is yet to be confirmed.

Season 2 ended with hints that season 3 may explore pre-fall Xianle and Xie Lian's early ascension. Although the release date is still unknown, the loyal fanbase can expect an official announcement in 2024.

For those who are not familiar with the series, the official synopsis of "Heaven Official's Blessing" is as follows: "Xie Lian, the crown prince of Xian Le Kingdom, successfully ascends to Heaven during his third trial despite being demoted repeatedly. However, he accidentally breaks the Gold Palace of the heavenly officials, and with no human worshipping him, Xie Lian must descend to the secular world to exorcise ghosts, a task that may help him sustain his divinity."

The heart of "Heaven Official's Blessing" revolves around its excellent cast, with Jiang Guangtao voicing the protagonist, Xie Lian. Alongside him, Zhengyang Ma as Hua Cheng and Tu Xiongfei as Pei Ming also contribute their voices to bring the characters to life. These talented voice actors play pivotal roles in the animated adaptation of the immensely popular Chinese novel.