7 Out Of 20 'Game Of Thrones' Characters Who Could End Up On The Iron Throne!

7 Out Of 20 'Game Of Thrones' Characters Who Could End Up On The Iron Throne!

Here are 20 characters from 'Game Of Thrones' who are trying to stake a claim on the Iron Throne in the series.

Everyone is super excited and is already making plans for a 'Game Of Thrones' party to celebrate and watch the final season of the HBO hit series. The season is set to be telecast on April 14 and the fans just want to know how the series is going to end. The hardcore GOT fans even have their own theories based on the possible easter eggs from the previous episodes and the new trailers of the upcoming season. 

Now HBO has recently shared 20 new GOT cast pictures on Twitter, with the characters sitting on the Iron Throne. The pictures tease the competitors of the throne and it could be possible that the most unexpected person would be sitting on it in the end. Till the time we find that out, we can just assume who has the best chance to claim the Iron Throne. The show does have some major characters who have gained a huge fan following over the last seasons. 

Not only this, but Twitter is also joining in the excitement by releasing new emojis of the GOT characters. It's true! Take a look at it for yourself. 


Here are 20 Game of Thrones characters who are trying to claim the Iron Throne in the series. 







And here are 7 characters who are most likely to capture the Iron Throne. 

1. Jon Snow



The previous season revealed a major detail about Jon Snow that he is actually the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. In the first season, not many paid attention to his character until he went to join the Night Watchers at the Wall.

The character even survived death after being killed. Jon Snow is a strong personality and now that he has teamed up with the mother of 3 dragons, his chances of winning the throne are high.

2. Daenerys Targaryen



The audience has seen this character go through a lot of horrible times, which she managed to grow out of. Daenerys now has come so far to become one of the most powerful characters in the series.

Daenerys is the mother of three dragons, the sister of Rhaegar Targaryen, and is already the queen of several lands she had captured. It is highly possible that Daenerys, with the help of Jon Snow, can definitely end up on the Iron Throne. 

3. Cersei Lannister



Cersei is currently seated on the throne and she is doing all that she can to protect her position. From the previous episodes, we have learned one thing is that you don't mess with Cersei. She seems to be very cunning,  power hungry, and her actions speak it out loud. The merciless queen might not leave the Iron Throne and we can expect her to put up a brutal fight for it. 

4. The Night King 



This is quite unlikely but possible looking at all the expected turns we have experienced in the story so far. The Night King sure is really dangerous and hard to beat in a battle, which is inevitable in the upcoming season. The Night King might end up freezing everyone and making them join his army of the dead, while he sits on the Iron Throne. 

5. Sansa Stark



Sansa too has seen a lot of dark times in the previous seasons, but right now she is much stronger than she was before. In the beginning, Sansa longed to once become the Queen in the future, that dream is still hidden in her heart.

She looks much more confident about who she is now and that she is going to join Jon and Daenerys in the end and she can be expected to get the Iron Throne. 

6. Arya Stark



Among all the powerful female characters in the series, Arya is the youngest and could be the most powerful among them. Her intense training that we once witnessed has built her up to be someone, no one can defeat.

She has fought many powerful men and has won. It is possible that she might get the Iron Throne.

7. Tyrion Lannister



Tyrion has been an absolute favorite of the fans because of his amazing brain. The character is not so good in combat but knows how to get out of dangerous situations using his wit.

Tyrion can be expected to outsmart the enemies and survive as he has been doing it for a while.  Daenerys too trusts him and he could end up on the Iron Throne, thanks to his genius of a mind. 

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