Hasbro Confirms That They Plan To Make A New Power Rangers Movie

Hasbro Confirms That They Plan To Make A New Power Rangers Movie

Hasbro has teamed up with Paramount to work on a brand new Power Rangers film and we couldn't be any more excited. Hopefully they can outdo the last movie.

The last Power Rangers reboot by Lionsgate failed to meet box expectations and many thought that it was the death of the franchise. But Hollywood isn't giving up on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers just yet. Hasbro, who took the franchise away from Saban last year has announced that they are working with Paramount Pictures to produce a Mighty Morphin new Power Rangers universe.

Paramount is defintely a good bet because they have a lot of experience with turning massive toy brands into box office sucesses. Transformers and GI Joe among them.

The announcement was made during an earning calls with investors who wanted to know their plans after acquiring the franchise. Hasbro didn't give much else in terms of details so we don't know if they plan on rebooting the entire franchise or creating a sequel to the 2017 film which actually had quite a good cast.

Cast of Power Rangers

Despite having a good cast I believe that Paramount and Hasbro will decide to completely reboot the series and they may just have a successful franchise on their hands very similar to the Transformers series.

The 2017 Power Rangers movie was unable to spark any excitement. Many long time fans of the Power Rangers didn't in any way feel compelled to go see it mainly because they made it so different from the original series that it felt like something completely new #notmypowerrangers #makepowerrangersgreatagain. Let's hope Paramount and Hasbro can come together and do it right.

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