Happy Death Day 3 Is In The Works, According To Producer

Happy Death Day 3 Is In The Works, According To Producer

Jason Blum revealed in a recent interview that he's working "overtime" to see Happy Death Day 3 released.

The Happy Death Day franchise has become quite the money maker for Blumhouse Productions grossing about $200 million worldwide between the two movies. Now, the studio is apparently working "overtime" to produce the third installment.

Jason Blum, the film's producer, stated that a third film was in the works during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

He said: "Let me tell ya, I’m working overtime on it, believe me. I’m trying. Nothing official yet."

Happy Death Day

So, this doesn't actually mean that the film is 100% happening but it is a ray hope for all horror fans worldwide.

This is simply more evidence of the third film as last year, the film's director, Christopher Landon teased during an interview with ComicBook.com of a potential third installment. He said:

"We clearly stated at the end of the second movie, we have a direction, we’re going somewhere with this. And so I don’t know what form it’s gonna take, but I will definitely tell that story somehow.

"If people thought the second movie was batsh*t, then they’re not ready for the third story. Because it goes so much more crazy, but in such a fun way. So I’ll get it out there somehow."

The likelihood of a third film is very high and I won't be surprised if we see a trailer by next year. 

'Happy Death Day' premiered on October 13, 2017, and amassed a worldwide total of $125.5 million. The second film 'Happy Death Day 2U' premiered on 13 February 2019 and was a mere shadow of the initial success of its predecessor with $64.5 million. 

Happy Death Day

Would the third film, if it comes out, be able to beat the first two? You know, I highly doubt it, but time will tell.

We will be covering all the new developments regarding Happy Death Day 3 here on Trinikid so stay posted!

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