"Halloween Kills" And "Halloween Ends": Release Dates, Plots, Cast, And More

"Halloween Kills" And "Halloween Ends": Release Dates, Plots, Cast, And More

Laurie continues to fight for survival as the Bogeyman Michael Myers returns for unfinished business. Will she and her family survive again?

The bloody battle between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers continues in two more upcoming films in the Halloween franchise: "Halloween Kills," and "Halloween Ends." Produced by Blumhouse Productions, the two films are a sequel to 2018's "Halloween" and are the 12th and 13th installment in the Halloween franchise.

In the seemingly never-ending fight for her life, will Laurie ever win?

Here's everything we know about the legendary horror/ thriller film sequels.

When Is The Release Dates Of "Halloween Kills," And "Halloween Ends"?


Both sequels directed by David Gordon Green are expected to come out in October in separate years. "Halloween Kills" is set to release on October 16, 2020, while "Halloween Ends" is announced for October 15, 2021.

However, there's a possibility that "Halloween Kills" might be pushed back like most 2020 films due to Coronavirus pandemic. It's also not certain how this would impact "Halloween Ends" if that happens.

What Are The Plots Of "Halloween Kills," And "Halloween Ends"?

Michael Myers

To better understand the plot, let's go back to the events of the 2018 "Halloween" film in Haddonfield. "Halloween" follows the story of Laurie 40 years after the original "Halloween" film. Laurie came face to face with Michael one more time after he escapes while being transferred to another facility. Laurie's daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and granddaughter, Allyson (Andi Matichak) also become Michael's target. At the end of the film, we saw Michael seemingly getting killed in the fire while the three girls escaped. But the infamous serial killer proved to be alive.

In the upcoming sequel, "Halloween Kills," the Bogeyman returns to handle his unfinished business.  Sure, Laurie's probably used to the Post Traumatic Stress considering Michael has haunted her for almost all her life, however, we're expecting to see how her daughter and granddaughter try to carry on with life after they too have experienced pure terror in the Bogeyman's hands. How will they react when they find out that the seemingly immortal Bogeyman is back to hunt them?

The sequels were officially announced in July 2019 with the studio's initial plan of filming both movies back to back. However, some changes happened and, "Halloween Kills" finished shooting ahead of" Halloween Ends."

Not much is known regarding "Halloween Ends", but the title gives us a hint that this might finally be the ending of the decades-long saga between Laurie and Michael. But of course, that is still subject to change. The franchise proved to be so profitable that a couple of sequels had been produced with pressing disregard for previous events.

Is There An Official Trailer For "Halloween Kills," And "Halloween Ends"?

A short announcement trailer has been shared for both films a couple of months back. There are also a couple of teaser trailers for "Halloween Kills," but these are all very short and doesn't contain much. There's no official trailer for both films yet. 


Who Are The Main Cast Members Of "Halloween Kills," And "Halloween Ends"?


Jamie Lee Curtis will play the role of Laurie, a survivor of Michael's 1978 killing spree.  Judy Greer will return as Karen, Laurie's daughter. Andi Matichak is also coming back as Laurie's granddaughter.

Spoiler alert: Curtis, Greer, and Matichak are all set to play both sequels, which suggests that there's a huge chance that Laurie, her daughter, and granddaughter are not gonna die in Michael's hands. At least not until "Halloween Ends."

James Jude Courtney will portray the role of Micheal Myers. 

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