Halle Berry Sends Funny Response After People Mistake Her For Halle Bailey In The Little Mermaid

However, this is not the only person, Twitter users are having a hard time distinguishing between the two Halles given their similar last names too.

Cover Image Source: (L) Halle Berry attends the 27th Annual Critics Choice Awards (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)/ (R) IMDb

Often, people mistake celebrities that look alike, however, it is less probable that people mistake celebrities whose names sound similar. Which is exactly what happened to Halle Bailey, star of the new The Little Mermaid (2023). As internet users watched the teaser trailer released during Disney’s D23 Expo this year, the level of confusion rose progressively ranging from ‘why is Little Mermaid black?’ to ‘why is a 60-year-old Halle Berry playing a 16-year-old girl?’ 


It got so serious and hilariously inflated that Halle Berry stepped in herself to make a joke and dispel the confusion. The original tweet, now deleted, is forever immortalized because Halle Berry reacted to it. It read, “Halle Berry is nearly 60 playing the role of a 16-year-old girl. This is what happens when you upset a fandom.” To which, Berry just posted a picture that only said exasperation and disdain. It has definitely become a meme at this point. 


Some have even expressed their rage for how racist trolls have taken to the teaser, one commented, “i'm so f-cking tired of everyone in response to halle berry as ariel being like ‘what if black panther or mulan was white’ GET IT THROUGH YOU DENSE THICK SKULL. ARIEL IS A F-CKING FISH.” While they did correct themselves later, it is still interesting to see people make a mistake like this. While they were slightly ageist, it does open up the conversation that whether our confusion with their names are coming from some internal racist biases. 

Comments like, “I JUST figured out that people aren't freaked out over race when the issue -- in my mind -- was that Halle Berry, at 56, is clearly to old to play the little mermaid. Apparently, it's a whole different, significantly younger, stunning Halle who has triggered their racist rage,” tell us that whether or not it is an older person or a younger person, the racist rage is real. A user on Twitter shared a video showing how they had deep faked the film to show a white actor playing the part of Ariel. “Credits to our memer Artificial Intelligence scientist @TenGazillionIQ/ He fixed The Little Mermaid, and turned the woke actor into a ginger white girl/ He says he can do fix the whole movie when it comes out with 4× A6000 in 24 hours/ It's over for wokecels,” they wrote. 


Even the user that came to the defense said this, “Somehow this looks even worse./ Best route was to not do live action remakes in the first place despite you thinking that animation is an inferior medium, which it isn't, never was and never will be./ Also don't be racist towards Halle Berry by doing this.” Here too, her name has been misspelled.

So, once again, just to make it clear, Halle Bailey will be appearing in The Little Mermaid next year (2023).