Greenhouse Academy Season 5: Everything We Know So Far

Greenhouse Academy Season 5: Everything We Know So Far

Greenhouse Academy has become one of those Netflix shows that just keeps coming back. Netflix clearly loves it but is the love enough for a fifth season. Let's explore.

Greenhouse Academy follows a group of students in an elite boarding school and all their crazy adventures in love, evil organizations, and crazy alien-type sh*t. Yeah, the show is bonkers but the huge question is, can we expect a fifth season? 

Has Greenhouse Academy Been Renewed For A Fifth Season?


As of this writing, Netflix has yet to issue a renewal. The renewal status is currently set at pending. 

At the end of the fourth season, showrunner, Giora Chamizer had said in an interview with Decider that he was indeed interested in working on new episodes once Netflix approves:

I would love Netflix to renew our show… All I can say is that I have tons of stories ready for two more seasons, and I would be thrilled to write them. The ball is totally in Netflix’s corner. As far as I’m concerned, we would be shooting more seasons the day this epidemic is over.

When Can We Expect Greenhouse Academy Season 5?

Greenhouse Academy

New seasons of Greenhouse Academy have been very successful in its yearly release schedule. This year, however, may not see our friends at Greenhouse Academy grace our screens with new episodes. The first reason being the pandemic plaguing the world right now. The second reason is that the showrunner, Chamizer may have his hands a bit tied as he is currently working on another show called Sky.

The earliest we can expect new episodes of Greenhouse Academy is in 2021.

What Will Be The Plot Of Greenhouse Academy Season 5?


Season 4 ended with our friends at Greenhouse Academy successfully preventing the release of a virus in the school by an evil organization. We then soon find out that the evil organization is led by Jason Osmond, son of Greenhouse Academy’s headmaster, Louis Osmond.

The fifth season will most likely be a follow up to this. We may get to see the response of our students to the news as well as the introduction of new evils. At the moment we don't have any official word on the new season's plot.


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