Grace And Frankie Season 7: Everything We Know So Far

Grace And Frankie Season 7: Everything We Know So Far

Grace and Frankie has been officially confirmed for season 7. Here's what's in store for Netflix's longest-running series.

Grace and Frankie is officially Netflix's longest-running series. 

While Netflix has earned quite a reputation in axing series after the second season, Grace and Frankie managed to get renewed until season 7.

The series follows the story of two aged women (Grace and Frankie) who developed a strong friendship after their husbands announced they were gay and left their wives to marry each other.

Here are all the exciting details you need to know about the show that highlights the beauty of friendship and aging. 

Grace and Frankie

When Will Grace Aand Frankie Season 7 Come To Netflix? 

Season 4, 5, and 6 all landed on Netflix in January. Naturally, people speculated that Season 7 would drop in the same month next year. Unfortunately, things might not go as expected after the show's production was forced to shut down due to the Coronavirus pandemic temporarily.

Filming for season 7 started on January 27, 2020, and halted in March.

There is still no official announcement regarding Grace and Frankie's season 7 official release date on Netflix, but we will surely keep you posted for the updates. 

Can We Still Expect To See More Of Grace And Frankie After Season 7? 

A few months before season 6 aired on the giant streaming platform, we've already received reports that season 7 has already received the greenlight. However, it was also announced that season 7 would be the final season for Grace and Frankie.

Grace and Frankie first premiered on Netflix on May 8, 2015. The show received a fair share of criticisms during the first season, but the showrunners still managed to secure a renewal. Season 7 is set to release with 16 episodes, making Grace and Frankie the longest-running Netflix series with 94 episodes in total. 

Grace and Frankie

Who Will Be In The Cast Of Grace And Frankie Season 7? 

The show will not be complete without Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin playing the titular roles Grace and Frankie, respectively. We are also expecting to see their ex-husbands Sol (Sam Waterston) and Robert (Martin Sheen) for the final season.

IMDB has also listed Michael Charles Roman to come back as Adam for season 7. Peter Gallagher has also confirmed that he is coming back as Grace's new husband, Nick. 


What Can We Expect To Happen In Grace And Frankie Season 7? 

Showrunner Marta Kauffman has provided a teaser early this year saying: "I can't say too much, but we're going to be dealing with Robert, Sol, Grace, and Frankie in a way in that we haven't seen before,"

During season 6, we saw how Grace and Frankie's friendship changed after Grace marries a younger Nick.

Since season 7 is going to be the last season, we're expecting the showrunners to wrap Grace and Frankie's story with a meaningful message about the beauty of the golden age life. The series has always inspired viewers to embrace life and not to be afraid to try new things no matter how old they are.

We're expecting to know more about the season finale when the official trailer drops. 

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