'GLOW' Season 3: Netflix Release Date And Renewal Update

'GLOW' Season 3: Netflix Release Date And Renewal Update

The show has talented performers across the industry both in the WWE and on the independent scene, making its big success unquestionable. But will this success lead to a third season?

GLOW is getting a third season after getting a thumbs up from Netflix. Fans are excited to see the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling for the third time after its two-seasons performing extremely well. The show features women at their best, who love wrestling. The show has talented performers across the industry both in the WWE and on the independent scene, making its big success unquestionable. Though it is known that it has taken many years for female performers to be treated with the same respect as their male counterparts, GLOW, on which the show is based on has brilliantly helped in promoting real-life wrestling to the world. 


The show is based in the 1980s when a group of women tries their luck in a brand new wrestling promotion for female wrestlers. Failure being the major part of their journey, aspiring actress Ruth Wilder finally gets a chance to audition for GLOW so that she can put her acting talent to some use. She is joined with her former friend and rival, Debbie, who joins her in spite of her husband disapproving of it. After going through trials and error, the ladies of GLOW finally begin to conceive their characters and refine their talent as in-ring performers while the first televised performance is aired. Their journey has been loved by the fans for two seasons, and now they are finally coming back for the third installment, and here is everything we know so far about it.

What New Shall We Expect In 'GLOW' Season 3? 

Even though the women gave an impeccable performance in front of the K-DTV executives, the shows for GLOW were canceled. Not just that, the ladies were also asked to look for some other network to create their new show, however, they were not allowed to take their characters with them. But they were given an option to continue doing live shows for the fans. 


Disappointed with everything going around, and seeing hope leaving as the door for opportunities closes for these women, they get another door opened when a strip-club owner Ray offers these women the chance to move the promotion to Las Vegas to perform in front of larger fans and audiences. Not missing a jiffy, the ladies prepare themselves, packed their bags and moved to Vegas. 

GLOW was a success and became popular in California, but that didn't necessarily mean that it will be the same for Nevada too. Things might turn disappointing for the women in terms of poor crowd attendance for the first few live performances. The fact that the city is new to the wrestling promotion, it will take these women a while to build up their reputation from scratch. 


Season 3 will also show what happens with Ruth after she recovered from her ankle injury which was broken by Debbie in Season 2. Ruth's persona, Zoya The Destroyer will return to the ring as champion, but the question is, what will she do—Will she take revenge from Debbie or will it affect her performance in the ring? 

Who Will Be In 'GLOW' Season 3?


Looking at the fact that not many left in Season 2, we can expect the same crew to come back, as there is nothing new updated about the new cast. We will be seeing more of Ruth Wilder / Zoya the Destroya played by Alison Brie, Debbie Eagan / Liberty Belle played by Betty Gilpin, Cherry Bang / Black Magic played by Sydelle Noel, Justine Biagi / Scab played by Britt Baron, Carmen Wade / Machu Picchu played by Britney Young, Rhonda Richardson / Britannica played by Kate Nash, Sam Sylvia played by Marc Maron, Sheila the She-Wolf played by Gayle Rankin, Tamme Dawson / The Welfare Queen played by Kia Stevens, in the third installment. 

How Many Episodes Will There Be In 'GLOW' Season 3?

The third installment of the show will have 10 episodes in total and fans will be able to watch all of it once the episodes are available to stream upon release. Each episode will have a runtime of 30 minutes, therefore, fans have a lot to unravel in the third part of the show.

Has The Production Of The Third Season Started Yet?


Yes! In fact, the third installment of the show is officially in its post-production as the filming ended on the 4th of March. Guest star and wrestling co-ordinator Chavo Guerrero confirmed that they finished filming in February this year. “We did [just wrap up filming season 3 of GLOW],” Chavo told Wrestling Inc. “Everybody on set, they were off on Monday because the wrestling scenes are now done. I wrapped on Thursday.” The news was confirmed by Alison Brie on Twitter! After which, the official date is for the release of the third installment is finally out and it will air on Friday, August 9!


Is There Any Trailer For The Third Show?

Not really. Even though the filming is done and the show is in its post-production phase, there hasn't been any new trailer for the third season. However, while confirming about the show's renewal, the official Twitter account of GLOW shared a celebratory video to announce the good news!


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