'Glass Onion' Mini Review and Ending Explained

'Glass Onion' Mini Review and Ending Explained

The Knives Out sequel is out on Netflix, here's the spoiler packed review.

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Heavy Spoilers Ahead, Tread Carefully...

Glass Onion, a sequel to the 2019 financial and critically acclaimed movie Knives out is now out on Netflix to watch. The film is a true successor of the 2019 film by Rian Johnson in every way, including the ending. This time around Daniel Craig's Benoit Blanc investigated a group of wealthy, eccentric people on a Greek island full of lush wonder. Read on to know our thoughts on the movie and every little detail unpacked.

What is The Premise of Glass Onion?

The synopsis of the film says, 

Tech billionaire Miles Bron invites his friends for a getaway on his private Greek island. When someone turns up dead, Detective Benoit Blanc is put on the case.

The film's ending is nothing short of an utter shock. Like the previous movie, this movie also relied heavily on the eccentric set of characters. The characters are slowly introduced at the start of the film. Also, do keep an eye out for little details that will help you pick clues. After very many twists and turns that unravel on the Greek island, Helen, Andi's sister plots with Blanc to take down Bron and his empire. 

30-Second Review...


Another Poirotian mystery based on the amazing work of Agatha Christie, the film doesn't have many turns. Daniel Craig reprised his role as the infamous Benoit Blanc who was again invited anonymously to solve a murder. What caught my attention is the amazing storytelling technique where the narration picks up from the middle. 

Glass Onion Ending Explained


The big question is Will Helen Get Justice? The falling out between Andi and Miles happened when Miles tried pushing for a hydrogen-based compound which was later labeled Klear that was meant to revolutionize how people consume fuel. Andi was of course against it because it was a huge health and fire hazard. Andi was contemplating walking out of the idea and taking out her half of the company's ownership if Miles didn't stop this plan. However Miles had a plan of his own, he convinced the lawyers that he was the mastermind behind Alpha and that it was he who wrote the idea of the company on the napkin and not Andi. Lionel, Birdie, and Claire lied to back Miles. However, we all know how Helen ruined Miles' plan to mainstream Klear. Helen then claimed that she finally got justice and has now avenged Andi's death. Glass Onion is rooted in our real life and resembles the world we live in. We are surrounded by people like these. In the end, there is no doubt that justice was served.