Netflix's 'The Girl In The Picture' True Crime Documentary Shocks Audiences

Netflix's 'The Girl In The Picture' True Crime Documentary Shocks Audiences

Viewers are calling this one of the most horrifying true crime documentaries.

It isn’t surprising that true crime documentaries are popular, it is surprising when the internet can collectively agree that something has truly disturbed or shocked them. Netflix’s Girl in the Picture is exactly like that, it has firmly cemented itself as one of the most shocking and horrifying documentaries ever, LADBible reports. 


The film focuses on a girl Sharon Marshall whose true identity was not revealed until after she died mysteriously in 1990. It is a must-watch for people who regularly partake in viewing documentaries like this for example Don’t F*ck With Cats and American Murder: The Family Next Door. This film was directed by Skye Borgman, who is known for her work on Abducted In Plain Sight.


Investigative journalist Matt Birkbeck first wrote about Marshall's story in his novels A Beautiful Child and Finding Sharon, detailing how she went from being an ambitious teenager to a mother of two with an abusive husband. The film follows the release of these books and is described as, “A young mother's mysterious death and her son's subsequent kidnapping blow open a decades-long mystery about the woman's true identity and the murderous federal fugitive at the center of it all.”


The intriguing synopsis leaves much to be discovered and viewers were quick to dig in. In fact, the documentary has now become the streamer's number one movie in the UK. And let’s be clear, fans are not holding back about how they feel. One user named, Ceszn said, “I’ve watched many messed up crime documentaries yet ‘Girl in the picture’ on Netflix managed to keep me shocked and horrified throughout.” Others have expressed concern for the victim. One user, Sarah Trammell, says, “So many people failed the girl in Girl In The Picture on Netflix... Her mom, her employer, coworkers, her babysitter... they all could have stepped up. If you ever feel like something is wrong with someone and they can't help themselves, SAY SOMETHING. 😔”


There is one user who was verbal about the fact that Girl in the Picture has so much suspense to offer. “I watched Girl in the Picture and i don’t think I’ve seen a true crime story with THAT many ‘plot twists’”, •Misfit• said.

A user named, JP⚜️ cannot stop swearing at the screen, “One thing about it, Netflix can make a good a*s true crime documentary. Just finished Girl In The Picture and I’ve said WTF no less than 26 times…”


To find out more about the victim, fans can catch the Netflix audio miniseries on the case also titled Girl in the Picture. It is said to feature 'complementary information and interviews not seen in the film'. The first two episodes are out now on the You Can’t Make This Up feed on June 29, 2022, subsequent episodes will be out once a week thereafter. In that case, the third episode came out on July 6, 2022. Netflix advises viewers to watch the documentary before listening to this episode.

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