The Ghost Adventures Crew Investigating The Conjuring House Shares Their Spooky Experience

The Ghost Adventures Crew Investigating The Conjuring House Shares Their Spooky Experience

Said to be one of the most terrifying horror movies of the recent times, it seems that the house is actually very haunted and ghost hunters share a similarly terrifying experience.

The Conjuring universe is one of the most well-known horror franchises that exists at this moment. The movie released back in 2012 and since then, it has been touted as one of the scariest movies to come out in recent times. The horrible and supernatural ordeal followed and affected the Perron family, who lived in the Harrisville farmhouse during the 1970s. Each and every member of the family said that they have experienced supernatural occurrances at their home. From classic haunting signs starting from things going missing or being moved from their original place to straight-up seeing ghosts appearing in their house. 


After reading up on the history of the house and trying to understand what is causing all these supernatural events to happen. The family matriarch, Carolyn Perron got to know that a family of eight generations had lived in the house before the Perrons moved in and a lot of family members have died under mysterious circumstances. Not only that, a lot of people from that family have died in a really horrible manner, Occult Museum reports. 


After the movie, the incident with the Perron Family gained a lot of notoriety, hence it is only natural that the crew of 'Ghost Adventures' couldn't wait to go and visit the infamously haunted house. The entire crew had the opportunity to go and visit the haunted house after it was sold to someone else. The researcher of the show, Jeff Belanger personally knew the latest owner of the house and they filmed an entire investigative series that is all set to air on the spookiest of all nights, Halloween. 


The makers of the ghost show have previously stated that they have captured some 'incredible footage' during their visit. After the entire filming and production of the series was done, Zak Bagans has spoken a lot about what went down when they visited the farmhouse. In a conversation with TV Guide, he said that it was incredible but he soon started feeling nervous and 'shit started going down real quick'. 


He said, "When I spoke to the son, what he saw in that house – and they’ve only been in there for a month –  but he even used the word traumatized. It traumatized them. It caused him to leave the house for three weeks… And then I started matching that what they were seeing is the same exact materialization that the Perrons were also seeing back in ’73."


Andrea Perron, the eldest daughter of the Perron family, who was the most haunted by all the paranormal occurences joined the Ghost Adventures team during their investigation. Bagans also described his personal experience at the Harrisville Farmhouse and added saying that this investigation took a big toll on him. 


He said, "It took me a few weeks to get over this, and that usually doesn’t happen. That’s very rare for me; at most it usually takes two or three days.
One of my investigators, Aaron, wanted to end the investigation [prematurely] because he knew that we were very vulnerable to attachments, and he was correct.
So it was one investigation that I will never ever forget. … We witnessed some remarkable things, and we witnessed some very disturbing things."

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