'Gentefied' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'Gentefied' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Filming for season 2 has finally begun!

'Gentefied' is a hilarious Netflix comedy series based on the online digital-short of the same name that hilariously chronicles the lives and struggles of a Mexican-American family. 

The series was released in February 2020 and ended with our characters facing even larger problems. Due to the pandemic, we would have to wait longer before knowing what happens to the Morales clan.

The good news is we'll finally get some answers soon.

Here's what we know. 


Will There Be 'Gentefied' Season 2? 

Absolutely! Nothing's stopping the comedy series from coming back, now that Netflix has officially renewed the series for season 2! The series was renewed back in May 2020, and you'd be glad to know that the wait is almost over soon. 


What Is The Production Status Of 'Gentefied' Season 2? 

Cameras finally started rolling for 'Gentefied' Season 2, months since the show's renewal was announced.

Filming for season 2 began on February 9, 2021, with America Ferrera returning on the director's chair.

Here's some behind the scene photo shared by Netflix together with the production update. 


When Will 'Gentefied' Season 2 Release? 

Netflix has not announced a release date yet, but season 2 is likely to drop around late 2021 or early 2022. The series premiered on Netflix on February 21, 2020, and we would have expected season 2 to release around the same month this year. Unfortunately, the pandemic happened, and now we'd have to wait longer for the follow-up season.

We will keep you posted on the updates. 


What Is The Plot Of 'Gentefied' Season 2? 

Season 1 introduced us to the Morales family as they try to solve problems surrounding their neighborhood, their immigrant grandfather, and the struggling family taco shop (Mama Fina's) that's about to get closed.

Towards the end of season 1, everything seemed to come into place. Things got better for our characters as they tried to find a solution for their problems. Unfortunately, the peace didn't last long, and just before the credits rolled, the family's taco shop is getting threatened to shut down once more.

In 'Gentefied' Season 2, we are expecting the Morales family to continue the battle to keep Mama Fina's. Now that the sneaky landlord has sold the building to a new owner without informing the Morales family, they have to fight even harder to keep their shop running.

The Morales family also has to find a way to rescue Pop after he was arrested by the police, while the rest of the family must continue to solve their own personal issues.


Who Are In The Cast Of 'Gentefied' Season 2? 

We are expecting our major cast members to reprise their roles for season 2.

Joaquín Cosío is likely to return as Casimiro "Pop" Morales, along with J.J. Soria as Erik Morales, Karrie Martin as Ana Morales, and Carlos Santos as Chris Morales. 

Is There An Official Trailer For 'Gentefied' Season 2? 

Production has just started for season 2 as of this writing, so the official trailer is still not available. We'll have to wait for a few more months before the official trailer for season 2 will release. In the meantime, here is the official trailer from 'Gentefied' season 1. 


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