'Fruits Basket' Season 2: Renewal Status And Release Date

'Fruits Basket' Season 2: Renewal Status And Release Date

One of the most popular franchises to come out recently, Fruits Basket was renewed for a second season and here is everything that you need to know.

The year 2019 is turning out to be quite a profitable year for the anime genre. A lot of fan-favorite animes, that went into long hiatus is finally making comebacks and all the other animes are also doing well. 'Fruits Basket' is among one of the most successful anime released in 2019. It was recently announced that the show will get a brand new adaptation that will stick much closer to the source. The primary work of the show will be handled by none other than the creator himself, Natsuki Takaya. The first season of 'Fruits Basket' opened to a huge audience and was well received too. The first season had a total of 25 episodes and it remains to be seen if the second season will follow the same suit or not. Here is everything you need to know. 

When is the release date of Fruits Basket Season 2?


Much to the fans' delight, it was announced that 'Fruits Basket' will be coming back for a second season and it will be supervised by Natsuki Takaya, the creator of the manga himself. Even though no specific date of release was announced, it was revealed that the show will start airing sometime in 2020 and a teaser trailer for season 2 is already available for the fans to watch. The series creator had also shared a lot of illustrations for the second season on his own Twitter handle and will also play a very crucial role in the upcoming series. And because she will be so closely involved with the entire series, this is primarily why it was greenlit so fast. Apart from the renewal of the show, it was also announced that the original manga will get three more chapters from the creator. 

What is the plot of 'Fruits Basket'?


The story follows a soft-natured, young but orphaned girl named Tohru Honda, who, by a lot of turn of events ended up living with a group of a mysterious group of people who are known as Sohma clan. Later in the story, things get out of control very fast when Tohru learns that her family has been cursed where they will transform into zodiac animals whenever they are hugged by another gender. Tohru decides to break this curse and she falls in love with someone as the story progressed. 

Is there a trailer for the show yet?


Yes. A teaser trailer for the show has dropped and you can watch it right here

Are there any spoilers for 'Fruits Basket' season 2?


As of now, no spoiler is available and we are pretty much sanguine that nobody would like to get a spoiler. It has been announced that the show will air sometime around 2020 and the audience will get to see some never before seen footage. 

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